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Great grip and inner tension with a novel use of the TLC-X

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  • Great grip and inner tension with a novel use of the TLC-X

    I use moderate to high manual tension once or twice a week to restore. When I use the TLC-X as directed, it doesn't work so great. I think part of the issue is that my retaining cone is a bit old and might have lost some of its grip, but I recall that it never held in place all that well.

    The TLC-X is meant to be used with the following layers:
    1. Plunger (or if I could list it as item 0, glans, since the plunger presses against the glans)
    2. Inner cone
    3. Foreskin
    4. YourSkin Cone
    On a whim, tonight I tried a different order:
    1. Plunger
    2. Foreskin
    3. Inner cone
    (YourSkin Cone omitted.) With some effort, I was able to bunch up the foreskin over the plunger, then press the inner cone down onto it. I then locked it in place with the collet. As far as I'm concerned, this method was near perfect as far as its grip and comfort. I was able to hold the TLC-X mechanism in place in its conventional configuration for just five minutes or so, even while pressing the YourSkin Cone against my foreskin. By comparison, this alternative configuration held under significant tension for about an hour.

    One disadvantage is that the plunger does not press against the glans in this state. Also, even though I didn't experience any pinching or discomfort, I think this new configuration is best suited for short periods of manual tugging as I'm doing, not for over-the-shoulder strapped tugging, since that might impede circulation in the long term. Still, it's a pleasant little discovery and I recommend it to anyone who is following a similar regimen of manual tugging.

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    I read your post but I’m afraid without an actual photo of your novel application, I’m not sure I can picture exactly what you’re describing.
    I know from my own experience that I must always rinse (just with water, and using my fingers to scrub it clean) both the TLC-X tugger body and especially the inside of the retaining cone (my skin cone). As well as the plunger plate, to remove visible sloughed off skin cells (and or fabric fuzz from my ‘tug n wear’ jockstrap). These appear as a thin film of residue on the above mentioned surfaces. If this is not done every time device is removed before reapplication, I find that there will NOT be an adequate seal to keep everything in place. Perhaps this simple practice of diligently rinsing off these parts and allowing to air dry will aid in your device’s efficacy.
    I don’t think you mentioned this, but I also incorporate the use of both springs placed end to end separated with a flat washer, everything threaded over the long metal rod in between the tugger body and the plunge plate. This arrangement aids with tensioning of my inner foreskin. Once everything has been set and tightened up with collet, I then apply my TLC weighted danglers between 20-36 oz. (I prefer tugging using weights instead of the strap) for outer foreskin tensioning. I’ve been making reasonably good progress with this method. I hope you find this helpful. KOT!


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      Yeah, I'm unfortunately a little camera-shy. Basically all I did was substitute the roles of the plunger, inner, and outer cones:
      • Use the plunger as the inner cone.
      • Use the inner cone as the outer cone.
      From there, pull up on the device to provide tension.

      I'm interested in how you use the springs and washer. I still have the full TLC-X kit somewhere, although it will take me some time to find. Personally, I tried putting a small rubber band around the wire of the inner cone and then sticking a toothpick underneath it to put a little pressure against the outer cone. It helped somewhat, but still tended to slip and I've since migrated away from strapped tugging anyway.