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T-tape and DTR device at same time?

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  • T-tape and DTR device at same time?

    I'm probably around a CR-2, so not extremely tightly cut, but not quite ready for the DTR alone. I'm trying to keep the circ scar area as the fold-over or "puckering" area in hopes that it will actually keep the pucker effect in the end. Also, the skin between the scar and the glans is visibly different, a bit smoother and shinier and has a different feel to it—part of the original skin that was under the foreskin; I want that part to be stretched well and be the part on the inside of the fold. I have determined that I probably need to use T-tape until I have more skin there in order to solely use the DTR device in this way (unless there are other suggestions). I am thinking of getting some 6 inch wide Mefix tape and am trying to figure out if I can combine the t-tape method with the DTR device to still encourage the dual tension (the t-tape would just be an extension of the device). Has anyone found if this could work? What do you think? The "gripper" part of the DTR device may not grip to the tape without additional tape being put on the outside of the gripper, so maybe it wouldn't help much?

    Other reasons I'm considering this: With t-tape, the skin won't have such a lateral stretch over the DTR bell (it feels like it is stretched too much laterally and I don't want the eventual "foreskin" opening to be wider than it is. (I've seen photos of restored guys who's "foreskin" opening is pretty wide open, and again, I want the puckering effect there so don't want it to be too wide.) Also, where my skin is clamped between the DTR bell and the gripper, it turns white and I'm concerned blood supply is cut off a bit too much there; it starts feeling cold and painful after a short while. With the tape there to mediate that, maybe it would be safer.

    In any case, if anyone has any experience with this or any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know.

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    Greetings, I don’t have any experience with the dtr or the using of tapes. I opted instead for TLC-X used in conjunction with TLC’s dangler weights. Applying spacers or stackers to my set up as well as using double springs inside the tugger body has definitely helped me to focus on growing more “inner foreskin”, while the dangler weights focus on growing more “outer foreskin”.
    I’ve also read several testimonies stating that dtr users have complained about the gripper being too tight, causing pain and probably skin turning white. I don’t know if you could try stretching out the gripper plastic just a bit more so it still grips but doesn’t cause pain.