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Need help on gaining underside skin (with pics)

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  • Need help on gaining underside skin (with pics)

    I don't have much inner skin on the underside (is that ventral?) due to the way I was cut, and also from restoring incorrectly at the beginning. I'm wanting to know if there are things I can do to increase my inner skin in that area. I'm hoping to avoid having to do manual, I don't have the patience or technique for it.
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    If you put your device on in such a way that the tension is higher on the ventral side (yes, you had the correct terminology), you should be able to correct the imbalance. Putting your device on so that it leans more toward a particular side will result in more tension being applied to the opposite side.

    So, just to clarify, if you apply your device at an angle, closer to the top (dorsal) side, that should take care of your problem, in time. You'll be able to feel the tension in that area more than any other, if you've done it correctly.


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      Some tips for maximizing underside (ventral) skin growth at this link: https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...haft#post35838
      -Ron Low
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      847 414-1692 Chicago