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    This question is meant for Ron mostly, but all please weigh in.

    When defining FEC (Forced Erect Coverage), specifically if it is beyond 100%, is that intended to describe the distance achieved by simply rolling the skin forward, ( so maximum distance while rolling, basically meaning grabbing the penis skin and moving it forward as much as possible while the end is rolling over) or maximum distance achievable (while grabbing the tip of the skin while erect and stretching).

    For example, I'm maybe 105% FEC if just forcibly rolling it (hand wrapped and pushing forward), but if I am fully erect while wearing my device (DTR Bell with rubber bands strapped to a cowboy boot) its more like 200% +

    Just seeking a better understanding of our lingo. Thanks, and KOT.

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    When I say measure Forced Erect Coverage, I'm hoping it will serve two purposes:
    1) Gauge your progress reproducibly from month to month so you'll know your regimen is effective. Forced Erect Reach is a simpler atrtibute to log if you like things simple.
    2) Allow for comparison of your slack to that of someone with a wholly different penile length. Forced Erect Coverage is a dimensionless percentage.

    For purpose #1, anything you do is fine, so long as you do it the same way every time.

    For purpose #2, I say get FULLY erect and force your skin to cover your glans (or beyond) as far as it can be forced without causing you pain. No tugging devices are involved, as we are using the tip of your erection as a benchmark.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago