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    OK, so I'm a full-time university student from September to April and work full time from may until August. This year I'm working outdoors a lot and will usually be on the job for about 8 to 10 hours. My job isn't particularly strenuous, but I do have some concerns about safety.

    I have a dtr and I have been experimenting with using it as a tugger -- so no push plate, just the gripper and a strap around my leg. It feels comfortable while I'm sitting or walking but I'm curious if anyone else uses, or has used, a similar setup safely while on the job. My job basically consists of pushing lawn mowers, aerators, and fertilizer spreaders. I'm not worried about concealment since I'll be required to wear long pants everyday. Thanks for the replies.

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    One more thing: I know the obvious answer is to just include more tugging time outside of work, but I like to play a lot of sports when I'm not working, and after a ten hour shift I'd much rather hit the gym or the field instead of sitting at home and tugging. I'll definitely be able to include more tugging time when school resumes in the fall as it's pretty easy to wear a device while in class. I just don't want my progress to slow down over the next four months while I wait for school to resume.


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      I started restoring when I was 14 years old. This was during my 1st year of high school / secondary school depending on your country. When I tugged at school I had the device anchored to my boxer shorts so if it fell it wasn't falling onto the ground. I've also tugged at my place of employment as an adult. Same deal. I found part way through the day the device needed to come off. It tugged as long as I could and then started again in the evening.

      What I think you need to do is attach your tugging device. Then go to the park. Walk. Jog. Bend. Re-enact your outdoor employment. Then make some conclusions.
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        Check out my progress gallery. I invented a wonderful way to tug while working.
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