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Types of circumcision

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  • Types of circumcision

    Is there a way to determine the method that was used in your circumcision based upon scar and remaining foreskin? Does the method used effect the quality and speed of your restoration progress?

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    First of all, if there's actually any "remaining foreskin", as in partial or a dorsal slit technique, then it was probably done with a scalpel. Anything else, ie "tight", is probably done with one of the devices out there, here in the US anyhow, although that can be a result of a scalpel as well. You have to understand that having "remaining foreskin" is a very small category of guys; most of us don't have any remaining foreskin tissues (not by the usual definition). We have shaft skin, which is butted up against some, or little, or virtually no old inner shaft mucosa (adjacent to the sulcus), but no actual foreskin.

    Age has an influence on all this: RIC is usually done with a device, most of which crush the tissue, so the wound can be anything but precise (pretty ugly looking), so you can get varying degrees of damage to the tissues, causing scars which vary in appearance, and a gauze/petroleum dressing is usually applied to the fresh site, so when that dries it's taken off by whomever and that can cause some damage as well if it sticks badly enough. So looking at the final result isn't a sure indicator of what was used, making the answer to your question: no, not really. For older kids and adults a scalpel is commonly used. Parsec can tell you what was used in his case. Of course some adults can be clueless to what was used, though; surprising, but true.

    Thing is, knowing how it happened doesn't help in any meaningful way with tugging. We all do what we can, with what we have left, so we go ahead as best we can. And that will always be the situation, in tugging, and as long as the practice of non medically indicated circ goes on (may it die soon and for good).


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      The Gomco Clap is known for leaving a brown scar ring.


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        Yes, a scalpel was used. Beforehand they drew some lines on my dick with a sharpie marker as a guide. I have my doubts as to whether the bastard actually followed what we had discussed in the pre consult as the result was far tighter than I remember discussing. The doctors who do this don't even tell you of any of the negative impacts of the procedure or even try to talk people out of it. They greedy fucks just want your money!