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Pain in base of glance

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  • Pain in base of glance

    I'v just started tugging, just a few days ago.
    I have to little skin to aply anything I have got from tlc-site, so I use taped canister metod.
    I ofcorse dont know if this works yet, but the only problem I feel is that the bace of my glance hurts.
    That is: The widest part of glance ... becaus the skin presses down on this part of glance, and it gets sore ... the skin it selfe is fine.
    Do you know this problem? Meaby I have to much tention?

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    1. The word is glans, not "glance";

    2. It's difficult to imagine that your shaft skin, which is flexible even when stretched out, would put enough pressure on your corona (the widest part of the glans) to cause pain. So your corona might be being scraped or compressed by the canister itself. I would suggest trying a simple manual method for awhile (just a simple pinch of shaft skin pulled forward). At least this will give your glans and corona time to rest, and with manual you should be able to see if it's really shaft skin which is irritating your corona.


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      Ty for answer. English is not my native-language, so some grammer errors will accure, correct me at will

      I tryed to find a disctiption of .. simple manual method ... but I didnt.
      Will that be pulling manuali with fingers/hands?


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        Will do An old Chinese proverb says: 'Wisdom begins with knowing the real names of things".

        Yes, just pinch an amount of shaft skin between the thumb and first finger of each hand, on either side of the shaft, and pull forward. That's all you have to do.

        Hold this tension for an amount of time, and then release. You can do this a number of times, then rest. This is a very simple method, but it will work as well as any other, and it will probably tell you if it really is your skin that is causing discomfort to your corona. I suspect that you won't feel any real discomfort in that area. You can go on with this method for awhile, say several weeks at least, assuming that you aren't feeling any significant coronal pain. You can continue on with this method for much longer, and you probably should. You can pinch shaft skin in different areas, and pull forward, if you choose; if you pull on the top of your penis and the bottom, you might have to grip the bottom skin a little farther back (due to the frenulum which is sensitive). This whole tugging process takes years, so you can see that you have a lot of time to get used to it all, and you can begin to experiment with other methods eventually.


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          Is this forum suppose to be used in relation to tlctugger producets, or is it ok to ask anything? I have tlctugger productes, but I cant use them yet.

          To the point: I just realiced that I have been manualy streching the skin for a long time ... I have done this becaus it is natural, then I want to protect the Glanse. Im not sure the effect has been that big. But it happend first time yesterday, after a few days heavy tugging that caused this pain in corone I mentioned, that the skin without help covered lanse partly. But it has retracted since, becaus I feel I need to give the skin a break ... I started to aggressivly ...
          But my next step will to trye to construct a device, that will help me start tugging again. This will grip the skin just around the corona, so I dont have to role the skin all the way to the top of penis, to fasten it to the device I purcasted here.
          I tryed to find some devise here that will do this, but I dont find it ... plis help me to locate if you have.
          I want to avoide using tape to much, becaus is realy is unplessant ...
          I want to do the automated tugging, rather than just manual, becaus I feel it is the best way for me ...I just have to learn to grip the skin, and regulate the tention.
          Any advice is wellcome ...