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Do deep wrinkles eventually go away?

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  • Do deep wrinkles eventually go away?

    I am a week into restoring, and I already notice a few new wrinkles on my penis, which is a sign of growth (or more likely initial stretching in my case). People here commonly talk about wrinkles as growth. When you get enough growth and have decent glans coverage, do the wrinkles smooth out? I see a lot of restoration photos have deep horizontal wrinkles all throughout the shaft. Most photos of flaccid intact penises that I have seen aren't terribly wrinkled except near the very tip.

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    I think the deep wrinkles actually smoothen out as one’s restoration progresses. Most times I’m only a CI-3.5, but the few times that I’m at CI-4, the skin that starts covering a portion of my glans appears to be unite smooth.


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      When my foreskin is draped over my glans, it is smooth. When it is bunched up behind the glans, it is wrinkled. I am not sure what "deep" wrinkles are, but from what I have seen, the wrinkles are simply caused by the skin bunching up. Keep in mind that the shape and size of many men's glans makes it hard for the skin to drape over it, so it can seem like nothing is changing for a long time, and all you have are wrinkles. When you finally have enough skin to drape over the glans, all of a sudden it is smooth again.

      That said, I do see what I would call "creases", where the skin is permanently "wrinkled", or "creased", due to, I presume, being folded most of the time. I have these all over my body, and they get more visible as I get older. If that is what you mean by "deep" wrinkles, well they just seem to be part of life, and never really change, just get more obvious.


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        Are you talking about strech marks? I am noticing them in mine as I progress.