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Does scrotum skin migrate???

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  • Does scrotum skin migrate???

    I'm hoping to put my concern to rest. I'm using the taped canister method at night, and am managing to use a TLC tugger a different times during the day. I feel good tension and have no concern other than the possibility of scrotum skin being pulled onto the shaft. I've come across the subject on some other sites and saw a guy wearing a waist band around his body under his shaft, separating the shaft and scrotum very well. Is this a reality? I duplicated his waistband technique, but it was really uncomfortable. Do we need to do this while restoring??? Thank you

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    I too started with the canister method at a stupid tight CI-1. No you do not have to do it that way. At night be sure you ONLY tug up and over your shoulder to prevent injury from nocturnal erections. Try to trap as little skin as possible in the device so as to tension as much skin as possible. As you gain skin, your scrotal skin will recede DOWNWARDS to where it supposed to be. Upward creep IS NOT a concern. Now, about 2 yrs later, I have NO problem using a TLC-X. When I first started I couldn't even think about using a tapeless device. When you can, make the switch to one ASAP. It's SO much easier on your skin.


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      Thank you parsecskin. I'm glad to hear from someone who's had such great success...


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        To me the main issue with the scrotum is how the presence of slack there makes it hard to get tension isolated in the shaft skin. Some guys use a traction rig to press the skin at the base. Others tug around the waist such that the other end of the strap is clipped to a bandanna looped over the base of the shaft to isolate shaft skin.

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          My scrotal skin is extremely elastic which goes along w/being a grow-er instead of a show-er. No low hangers here.

          I have found that when I wear a strap above my balls to keep the scrotal skin from stretching, there is more tension on my Tugger/PUD but I cannot keep the strap on for long because of the discomfort. My guess would be that, if I could wear the strap longer/more consistently, I would get better foreskin growth as a result but because it is too uncomfortable for me to wear for long, it is of no real use to me.

          BTW, when I am fully erect, my scrotal skin extends partially up the base of my shaft and, when I'm balls to the wall, actually enters my GF's vagina. This is entirely normal in my case. I do not believe that my FR has "caused" this to happen; it's just the way my equipment is constructed.
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