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  • Chastity cages for smegma

    One of my features I'm most self-conscious about, aside from the circumcision itself, is the vertical striations on the top side of my glans, a feature many of us share. Are these caused by circumcision? From what I can tell, no, not exactly, but being cut doesn't help. I've seen intact penises that have them although they seem to be more pronounced on circumcised men, due to keratinization (which causes other wrinkling and discoloration in addition to the striations). In any case, I associate those striations with my circumcision and I've long hoped to eliminate them entirely.

    Despite being very diligent about wearing my retaining cone 24/7, it tends to fall off while I'm sleeping and the striations persist. Over the summer, I found myself masturbating several times a day and decided to experiment with chastity on a whim. That's a bit of a weird admission from me since I promise I'm basically not kinky at all and not typically into this stuff. Nevertheless, I would say I'm kind of intellectually fascinated by kinks-- I might not like fetishes for myself, but I'll occasionally indulge in what others enjoy and try to see things through their eyes. So after masturbating perhaps a few too many times in one day and looking into chastity fetishes, I ended up splurging on a decent metal cage from Etsy (you can probably find it yourself from that description alone). After purchasing it, it also occurred to me that my masturbation habit might be holding back my dekeratinization because I typically wash out under my (growing) foreskin afterward. Yeah, it's good hygiene, but it also pushes out the good bacteria that I'm hoping will help me along.

    So what's to say? I've worn the chastity cage on two separate occasions, each a week at a time. During that time, I've kept it locked 24/7, except when I had to check on some significant discomfort (more on that later). The result after a week is... rather a lot of smegma. My hope is that I can wear it again and this natural flora will lubricate, insulate, and dekeratinize my glans to the point where I get the ideal smooth, healthy sheen. What follows are a few tips on how to live with chastity.
    • I'm single, which no doubt has helped me experiment with this. You can obviously still do this with a partner-- perhaps even having more fun than without-- but it's still an extra hurdle. They'll need to accept no penetrative sex while you're wearing the cage and any time you're intimate is likely to drive you wild.
    • I'm currently on antidepressants, making erections weaker and harder to sustain. I'm on a low dose, but I don't like the sexual side effects and would like to get off them because they don't seem to otherwise help much. They have helped me wear the cage, however.
    • Putting on the cage is a challenge. The method I've used is essentially T-taping my foreskin, threading the tape through the cage, and then firmly pulling the tape through. Removing the tape while my penis is inside is also difficult and a bit uncomfortable, but it eventually comes off with a bit of coaxing.
    • Baby oil after showers is a must! Water washes away your natural oils and dead skin cells and causes the steel to instantly stick to your skin. (This may not be an issue for plastic cages, but they don't really appeal to me as they seem kind of cheap and fragile.) I make sure to wipe the oil under all parts of the cage.
    • Get some kind of long, narrow implement for pushing your foreskin forward into the cage, as necessary. I'm somewhere in the CI-4 to CI-6 range but sometimes my foreskin retracts as I go about my business. I keep a popsicle stick next to the toilet and push the skin from the base of my penis up past each of the rings of the cage. I keep going back and forward through the rings as necessary until I get enough skin at the top of the cage to pinch and pull forward. If you're below a CI-4, I wouldn't bother with a chastity cage unless you have some more reliable method of holding your foreskin forward, say through taping. (But then why not just tape for a week?)
    • Despite feeling kind of bulky and girthy, the cage isn't noticeable in my day-to-day life. Perhaps be careful if you are thinking of hugging loved ones. Bumping up against something in your pants that's too hard to be an erection may elicit some questions you won't want to answer.
    • Sexually, it's an odd sensation. It's a little like replacing your penis with an object. You'll know your penis is there (oh you'll know), but it's difficult to stimulate. Difficult, not impossible. When looking at porn, I found that rubbing through the cage, tugging at the cage, and sort of gently thrusting were enough to stimulate me to orgasm, if I wished. Having said that, I'm a bit on the easy-to-stimulate end of the spectrum and I pretty well avoided masturbating to completion, both in the interest of adhering to the challenge of remaining chaste and because I didn't want to clean up the mess afterward.
    • Sleeping is difficult because I prefer to lay on my stomach or at least have it as an option. What I found helps immensely is getting an orthopedic pillow and putting my penis in the center, where your neck would go. Unfortunately, I tend to brush the pillow to one side at some point in the night and then laying on my stomach can disrupt my sleep, albeit not typically waking me up entirely. I'm considering methods in which I lash the pillow to my waist with a belt.
    • Probably most importantly (though specific to the cage I bought) is that on both instances, wearing the cage for one week led to significant lesions on the underside of my penis. This might have something to do with the post-shower chafing I've mentioned. I investigated it further and found that the bottom-most ring, the one that lies at the base of my penis and against my scrotum, had a surprisingly sharp edge to it-- not enough to cut, but certainly enough to pinch and irritate. I also thought I could use a little space in that area as it was wedged pretty firmly in there. As such, I used a Dremel to grind away maybe a millimeter or two of steel and round off what remained. I haven't tested the cage since modifying it, but I would guess it's not an issue anymore. But the bottom line: Listen to your body and take off the cage if there is any discomfort! My penis has been through worse and made a full recovery, but for now it's out of commission (i.e., no tugging) for a couple weeks.
    That's my advice on how to use a chastity cage, should you choose to do so. Oh yeah, and the striations? I don't know if the chastity cage helps, having only worn it a couple times, but as I've restored, they've become less pronounced when my penis is erect. Sometimes, especially when I give it a firm grip near the base trapping a bit more blood at the head, I get a nice, smooth, most, colorful look, a really gratifying sight reminding me how far I've come since I started restoring. I hope restoring alone will make it look even closer to ideal over time, but for now, I know I have the option to wear my cage every few months for the challenge as well as to hopefully nudge things along.

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    I recommend that restorers never tolerate dry friction to the glans and surviving inner skin.

    When we think we need more than clear water to wash the end of the penis, I recommend a non-soap cleanser like Cetaphil It doesn't dissolve fats.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      Good advice! To be clear, I rarely use soap on my glans and even when I do, it tends to be only a small amount, usually runoff from where I've lathered up other parts of my body. I suppose I do tend to soap up and rinse out more thoroughly in advance of a tugging session, since I want an extra-strong grip with the devices.

      On a tangential note, I read that brushing your lips with a toothbrush is a great way to exfoliate and prevent chapped lips, supposedly better than chapstick. I tried it and indeed it works well. Along the same line of reasoning, I've started keeping a toothbrush in the shower specifically for gently brush my glans. I know what you're probably thinking after reading that: "YOW!" Well... yes. It's pretty uncomfortable. I think it maybe helps a bit, but it's honestly hard to tell.