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Pill for intense orgasms?

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  • Pill for intense orgasms?

    This is just something I thought I'd mention as a bit of a side note. I was ridiculously stressed out for a long time and started taking effexor.

    Now my cut orgasms, before restoring, were but a mild pleasure sensation in my penis. In the midst of restoring, they have become full body pleasurable. However... effector changed that.

    My first 5 days on effector, I was easily aroused and quick to become erect, but could not achieve orgasms to save my life. Suddenly, day 6, everything was back to normal as far as timing, except that everything was immensely pleasurable. Penetration alone was intensely pleasurable, and every movement thereafter felt amazing. But the orgasm, oh my God the orgasm. It was incredible. 15-30 seconds of orgasmic explosion throughout my body, and I was basically "high" for a couple hours after. It was incredible!

    Well, it also gave me dangerously high blood pressure. I got off it because of that, but now I want it back. For get blood pressure and heart attacks. Masturbating with effexor was far more pleasurable than sex is for me now. However, knowing that it gives me heart attack level BP, I wonder if there is something else that might have a similar effect.

    Has anyone else experienced dramatic improvement in sexual pleasure from a pill? If so, what pill? I'm probably going to get back on effexor simply because it worked, and I'm stressed beyond belief right now. But forget my BP, I might stay on it just for the sex!

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    You might try smoking a little weed. It does wonders and it isn't going to kill you. It's also great for restoration because it relaxes your dartos like nothing else and your dick actually gets bigger too!


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      If only that was an option! Unfortunately, regular drug tests are just a part of the military and I need to keep my career

      However, I have had some since restoring and effexor delivers much more sexual pleasure for me than weed even.


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        My wife had an adrenal gland issue and one of the treatments they tried gave her high blood pressure (so they said she couldn't keep using it), but while she was on it - WOW the sex.

        If I wanted stronger and longer pleasure through chemistry the first thing I'd try would be Viagra for me and my partner. After that I'd test edible pot, but note that pot seems quite specially bred these days (the kids tell me) so you need to know whether you're trying one that's known for giving you energy vs one that's known for helping you sleep.
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