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Considering Restoring- My Story

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  • Considering Restoring- My Story


    I found this place because I am less and less happy with being cut. I made a really dumb decision, based on peer pressure, at a vulnerable point in my life, middle school, to get circumcised. I was very happy with the decision, even proud about being cut at first(after it healed). It felt different, but not bad. Over time that has changed.

    During my 20’s, I started to notice that I had become less sensitive, but I attributed that to getting older/ natural changes. I can see now that I was wrong.

    During my late 20’s I entered fatherhood, and I made the decision to go along with having my boys circumcised. I didn’t understand at the time... I wish I knew then what I am learning now, because I would not have allowed that to happen. I am deeply sorry for this. I wish I could take it back. Please don’t bash me, I feel horrible enough already about it.

    Now in my 30’s I am observing that I have little feeling in my head. I am remembering what it felt like before.... I could barely touch my head before because it was so sensitive... and the feelings I had particularly at the tip of my foreskin was so amazing. The feeling of sliding the skin up and down was amazing. It is hard to comprehend how much I willingly gave up. I was so dumb. I wish my parents hadn’t allowed it.

    So here I am now, finding that people have learned how to “restore” their foreskin. I am very much interested in fixing my dumb decision. I’m getting the picture that this might be a lot of work.

    Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself, and my situation .

    Any advice on if and how I should go about doing this would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you’d made this mistake for yourself and also for your sons, but I’m hoping that you’ll be able to start your FR journey and see some progress sooner than later. I personally started with TLC-X with weights and also StealthRetainer weight system (just my preference). Lots of men have found great success with the DTR as well as inflation methods.
    Perhaps when they’re old enough to understand and also if you should be consistent with FR, you might some day choose to share your decision to circumcise, with your sons and explain to them that they also have the option to restore. Maybe they’ll choose to restore early in their lives which may translate to faster and better restoration results for them. You could also share your regret and remorse and maybe seek their forgiveness. They may not think too much of it at first, but at least you could explain to them about your own loss of sensitivity and hope they learn from your mistakes. Good luck.


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      Thanks tuguser. What did you like about the TLC-X with weights and the StealthRetainer weight system?

      I do feel like I will need to have that discussion with them, about my decision making and regret/remorse and all the rest. I certainly hope for forgiveness on this. I just really didn’t understand at all. Makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it.

      Is it significantly faster and better to restore earlier in life? Compared with someone in their 30’s like me or someone later in life?



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        What's dumb is that doctors would even perform this sort of cosmetic surgery on a child, unnecessary as it is. It shouldn't even be an option.

        Glans sensitivity can be improved before you've restored completely, and it's actually fairly simple. If you're able to roll the skin from your shaft over the glans and tape it in place, it'll essentially act as a foreskin, for the purpose of preventing the glans from drying out. Over time, it will exfoliate some of the keratinized tissue that's built up on the surface over the years that you've had it exposed.

        Simply taping the skin over the glans might initially provide some tension for you to grow more skin - though if what you've got is already loose, look into using a device or manual tugging methods. Here's a bit of light reading on that:


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          My advice is that you should restore your foreskin. I have high confidence that you will be very glad you did.


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            Thanks z726. I think you are right, that it really shouldn’t even be an option.

            I sure would love to get as much glans sensitivity back as possible. Interesting about the taping. I might give it a shot.

            Thank you for the link. Looks like I will be doing some reading... Thanks again


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              Thanks greg_b. I’m strongly leaning towards going for it.


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                My heart really goes out to you. We all make mistakes that we come to regret later on. We can’t ever change the past. All we can do is assess our situation, learn as much as possible about all the options we have available, and try to turn a negative into as much positive as possible. Guys like you, who actually can remember what it’s like to be both ways, seem like our best hope for convincing people of the need to discontinue this unnecessary and barbaric practice once and for all. I’m very new to all this too, so my only advice is to forgive yourself, learn as much as you can from the great guys on sites like this, and try to move forward. Best of luck to you.


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                  Thank you for your words, Guest. We do all make mistakes, which can’t be taken back... Need to focus on what I can do NOW, not live in the regret.

                  I guess I haven’t really considered that people like me who can remember having foreskin, but were later circumcised have maybe an important perspective. Thanks for this.

                  Definitely doing my best to forgive myself, but I’m really not there yet at all.

                  I’m here reading and learning, and trying to move forward, for sure.



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                    Sorry for asking but i also want to know the answer in general: If you would buy your son a manhood and tell him that he should use lotion or whatever to prevent dryness, wouldnt that... nullify the disadvantage of being circumcised? At least the keratinization and loss of remaining nerves. I mean if someone is taking care at such a young age, it can only be good for him. Or not? And he would learn that he shouldnt be careless with his little friend from the start, unlike, probably, the majority of circumcised men. It will be normal for him and he wouldnt be ashamed because of whatever reason in his later life. I think i would atleast try it. But its probably awkward if he is older than 10.


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                      Thanks SpaceCat. You are probably totally right from what I am learning here(although anyone more knowledgeable please feel free to jump in). It is an awkward discussion, but I am open to considering options that might be helpful.


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                        Cut me some slack,

                        I like the TLC-X because it’s made very well and provides results. It’s bi-directional design provides tension which tugs on both inner and outer foreskin (the former by the use of the included springs and spacers, and the latter by the use of weights or strap worn down one leg or up around one shoulder)
                        The StealthRetainer system is used on a more regular basis because it is compact and easily applied and removed in public restrooms. I’d initially been intrigued because it offered the possibility of removing only the weighted attachments while leaving the retainer portion applied. Especially with a ‘PeeTainer’ that could be left applied even while urinating. I’ve, however, learned to remove and reapply pretty quickly the entire apparatus since I don’t like the odors accumulated when used in this manner. Like most other restorers, you may end up purchasing over time, more than just one or two different devices or systems. Only trial and error will reveal your personal preferences.


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                          Cut me some slack,
                          I guess each man’s body responds differently to restoration efforts. Although I’d started and stopped many times over the years since my thirties, it wasn’t until I discovered the ready availability of manufactured tugging devices back in 2019 that my efforts became truly earnest. I had some really good gains during the pandemic, but now that things are returning to a busier schedule, my tugging routine hasn’t been as regular or as intense as I would like. In my opinion it stands to reason that younger skin might respond more quickly than skin in older men.


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                            Thanks for replying tuguser, and explaining the TLCX and stealth retainer. Very helpful.

                            I guess it makes sense that younger skin might respond better to restoring.