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    Interested into adding a weighted device to the mix. I mostly use manual now with the tlc-x once in a while. Has anyone used the stainless steel Stealth Retainer? I would like something easy to use with as little parts as possible. I work on my feet all day and thought a weighted device might help, I seem to injure my frenulum remnant if I use the tlc-x to often. Thanks!

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    I use my TLC-X with four 8 oz TLC dangler weights attached using mini carabiners. (Also, Ron supplies each of them with carabiners and round washers already in place at either end for easy attachment) Sometimes I’ll add one additional 8 oz plus a 4 oz. weight to make a total of 44 ounces. I’m usually at home and just seated while using it this way. My TLC-X is set up with both springs as well as spacers for tugging the inner foreskin while the external weights are for tugging the outer foreskin.
    When I’m out and about, I wear the StealthRetainer and weight system because it’s compact and easy to remove and reapply. I’m taking a week off because I developed a small skin tear. Only draw back with StealthRetainer is that it only tugs the outer foreskin, not the inner. The frenulum notch on the stealth is pretty deep, so it works well. The notch on the TLC-X isn’t very deep, so I do sometimes feel it pinching a bit. Some months back, I’d actually damaged or hurt my frenulum because I was overzealous…by using too much weight coupled with leaving it on for too long. Either way, I think my frenulum mended itself over a week’s time, plus I’ve been doing a better job of gauging how much weight, tension and length of time to leave on my TLC-X.


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      tuguser Thanks for your input and review of the StealthRetainer. I find myself being overzealous with the pressure of the tlc-x as well. Do you recommend the frenulum notch with the stealthRetainer even if it only targets the outer skin? I focus mostly on inner skin and anti-Turkey neck stretches when I’m manually tugging so the fact that the stealth targets outer skin might be a bonus!


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        I used to work on my feet and used a 16oz pud for a time. I got good results with that. Certainly worth a try.

        I’m at a desk all day now so it doesn’t work for me anymore.


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          Originally posted by vbnm0124 View Post
          I’m at a desk all day now so it doesn’t work for me anymore.
          Dangling weights like Torpedos or TLC Danglers are the answer. The weight hangs from a cord that bears over the edge of your seat so the weight is still acting down by your calf.

          -Ron Low
          [email protected]
          847 414-1692 Chicago