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Erect coverage for the “growers”?

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  • Erect coverage for the “growers”?

    Hello fellow tuggers !,
    I am an extreme ‘grower’ and I’ve been restoring on and off for several years. I’ve met my goal of full flaccid coverage but erect coverage just does not seem to be in the cards for me. I have a heathy bit of loose skin while erect but not enough to stay forward on its own. I’m wondering if other ‘growers’ are in the same boat as me or if any have managed to achieve any erect coverage?

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    I would not call myself an extreme grower, but I have noticed the same thing - And I have been at this for almost nine years.

    I think it is shaft skin pulling back during an erection. We may need to grow a lot of skin to overcome this.

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      Sure - when flaccid, there's much less length to cover, and the surface area of the glans is a bit smaller.

      It'll take a while, and erect coverage won't stay in place as easily without a freulum, but it's possible. Just keep tugging, and you'll get there.


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        I too am an extreme grower, soft I'm usually somewhere between 2 and 3 inches and grow to 7 when hard. It has always been my thought that to reach my goal of having full erect coverage that I would just have to grow a tremendous amount of skin because without the ridged band that an intact foreskin would have the skin would have to be long enough to accommodate my erect length without anything holding it forward


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          Thanks for the feedback everyone! This is what I really suspected- I guess I just wanted my thought validated by some fellow tuggers 😀


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            I almost stopped in 2004, a grower here as well and I went back to teh drawing board adn developed my own method, and I figure something out, the length of skin to cover the top of a glan is on me, almost 3 times more that under. so, I would manually work the sides adn top more, also my methos targeted teh inner skin more adn that left over 4skin is thinner adn acted like a log jam breaker helping the skin to start flipping over teh glan's corona. But before I figured it all out, I have a few $$$$$ infested in paper weights!


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              I am a grower and I feel your pain. Erect coverage is another game entirely, but if you can achieve flaccid coverage then erect coverage is also a definite possibility. Just keep on tugging. I want erect coverage when my penis is laying on my stomach while I sleep, it seems to require less skin in that position and its the only time my penis would really come uncovered. I am getting close and at that point may consider myself done.
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              It's worth it boys. Keep going!


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                Thanks for the feedback. I am close to my CI-9 goal now (flaccid) but maybe CI-5 erect. For me flaccid coverage is the most important. Once I reach my goal I’ll re evaluate- maybe I’ll make a new goal then - that’s already happened a few times 😀