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  • OxBalls

    There is a site, and they make a faux foreskin.

    When I'm not tugging at night, I wear it with a coating of shea butter. (It helps it slide on. I roll it on too.) I also wear it during the day, with shea butter. I don't tug while at work due to my perticular profession.

    It has most certainly helped in restoring my sensitivity while tugging.

    I know once you start you must continue to wear it to maintain the new found sensitivity, but I don't want to wait years to feel sensations during sex again.

    They come in two different sizes in one order. I don't use it as a masturbation tool.
    It's open at the end so you don't have to take it off when you go to the bathroom.
    It's silicone and pliable so you don't see it while wearing clothing. (But does make you look a bit bigger.)
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    Interestingā€¦I guess the two photos that you posted are the two different sizes that come together in the same order, yes?


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      No. I was showing the different angles.

      I wear the smaller one during the day, and the larger at night giving room to grow. (When I don't tug at night)

      If anyone does order it, go one size larger. I read reviews of a lot of guys buying their exact size and it was too tight.

      I believe it was 50$ for the set. You don't get to buy just one and you can choose from 3 colors, if I remember correctly. (It's been a couple years since I bought them last. So there could be more options now.)

      Edit: I have had them fall off a few times at work due to the shea butter being somewhat lubricating. (It shouldn't fall off if you don't have shea on.) I wear underwear with a front pouch for extra room. (I'm not that big, just like the room and the removal of the crotch seam) The front pouch would hold the faux foreskin if it did happen to fall off so I wasn't to worried about it falling down my pants leg and having to explain to a co-worker what it was. šŸ¤£šŸ¤£