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Rigid Band? Scar Tissue?

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  • Rigid Band? Scar Tissue?

    I am a solid C5 and had to stop for a while due to injury. I retain nearly 24/7. When I get erect my restored skin is held on the head by this band I have developed. There is a definite snap when it rolls over the head and you can see it constricts my girth where ever it is. The snapping is uncomfortable during masturbation so I have to make sure it is above the glans and not below. This only developed once I stopped for a few months. Anyone else have similar experiences?

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    When you say it developed after you'd stopped for a few months, were you retaining all that time?
    It looks (to my untrained and uninformed eye) to me like you've developed too much of a pucker, assuming that narrow point on your skin tube is where the rollover point is when retaining.
    Almost like a phimosis of sorts.. but I'm not a doctor and am in no position to diagnose.
    Is it very uncomfortable if you just leave it all unretained? Does the narrow point pinch your shaft in an uncomfortable way if for too long?

    If it is very uncomfortable, it might be worth seeing a urologist. What are they gonna suggest, circumcising you again?


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      Though I’m sort of jealous that you developed a kind of ‘ridged band’, and I understand that it may have been caused by a build up of scar tissue. Although it sounds unproductive, I’d probably try stretching ‘it’ out a bit so that it still remains a sort of ridged band, but it’s not so tight that it restricts your girth. I suspect this is a similar phenomena to intact men whose ridged band is too tight because I’ve seen pictures of intact penises where the ridged band is restrictive in this way. Good luck!


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        I have not developed this, but there are ways to cause the opening to enlarge. Simplest and safest is to use the same technique we use to restore. Simply apply tension to trigger cells to grow more tissue.