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0 Degrees Farenheit Pucker Factor, Dang!

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  • 0 Degrees Farenheit Pucker Factor, Dang!

    This morning if was 0 degrees farenheit outside with almost no wind. I typically go outside in the buff to start the car for my wife to warm it up or to fetch wood from the woodshed (two trips) and on windy days use an open bathrobe. I liken this practice to what people do with outdoor hot tubs. This is before the sun comes up. I live on a mountain top with a huge lot so we are basically in the middle of nowhere....way out in the sticks, dead end road. I just recently started using a TLC-X skin cone to keep my glans covered 24/7. So I go outside and before I reach the car, only a few feet away from the door the cone falls off. Reminder to self: remove cone going outside so that I don't lose it! When I came in I snapped a picture because staying covered without a device is a recent phenomenon. As you might be able to surmise, I am enjoying my new model of penis. I have considered this a milestone in my restoration journey - staying covered once covered and it covering without my touching it. There are a lot of things that have changed since I have been able to stay covered. I am enjoying the hell out of this totally new set of feelings. If you haven't decided that restoration is for you yet, I can say that I am totally thrilled in a whole lot of ways with this restoration. It, for me has been totally worth it. Definately consider starting. I can't see a down side to this.
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    Just hearing about going out in that cold made mine pucker a bit too!