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How do i know if I'm getting enough tension?

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  • How do i know if I'm getting enough tension?

    Hi. Iv been using the DTR for about 4 months and iv gotten to a point where it can't really gove me anymore tension. The device simply cannot be pushed inside me anymore, it feels like it can't go down anymore and if i try it hurts. But i feel like i may not be getting enough tension anymore, but it's hard to tell. I feel like the past month or so i haven't been getting much of any results like the first 3 so I'm thinking maybe i need to do some manual 3 along side it..? It seems like some people have been praising it alot lately so i may give it a shot.

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    The DTR can be tricky. Even though it is pushed down all the way, feel around entire shaft to see if it is taut all the way around or are there areas where it feels skin doesn't have enough tension. The one method that worked best was before putting it on, push scrotum between your legs while sitting, then pull shaft skin around bell and put it on. Now it needs little travel to make skin tight. If that is not your issue and you just have lots of foreskin, then use dtr' longer rod.

    Remember the trick is to entice and trick your skin into needing to grow. Like growing my muscles it can't get used to one method and one method won't be perfect for all growth. Meaning, you want to apply tension to the most amount of skin area at one time. If you are only stretching a quarter inch area, it will take you much longer to restore. So how do you ensure you are stretching a lot of area consistently in a day?

    Multiple methods. I dtr for a few hours in morning, I then hyper restore inflate for a few hours, I then put dtr retainer bell on with long screw and wing nut to hold a bunch of washers on so I'm hanging weight for a long period. Then I also let the weight hang but have two pairs of underwear on to support me putting the middle of my shaft over the elastic so it stretches the underside real good too. Along with manual stretches at night and morn or whenever I can.

    This is has been the most effective "for me" I just started doing that for past 4-5 months and finally have morning coverage (coverage while flaccid before any device, retainer or anything has been put on that day)

    i usedd dtr dtr strictly for almost 2 years and showed very little gain. But maybe I was cut too much to notice improvement well. I don't take pics or measure from certain points on the skin. But the last year I've learned a lot through trial and error. You will too. But pay attention to the above and you won't lose precious time and energy