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Loss of frenulum sensitivity?

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  • Loss of frenulum sensitivity?

    I will quote a post from another forum, but is exacly what happened to me just that it happend with tlc-x

    "I never had a full frenulum ever since I was circumcised at birth. Just the remnants of one. Despite this, it remained a very sensitive spot for me and I found great pleasure from massaging the area. However, about 4 months ago I began foreskin restoration using the DTR. I experienced some pinching around the frenulum area which I didn't get too worried about and I switched to a notched push plate to protect it thinking I'd be fine. Since then I've not had any pain or pinching as bad. And I was always careful to line up the notch with the frenulum so that it was protected.

    But just recently I massaged the frenulum area and discovered to my horror that I could feel almost nothing. It was barely any different from massaging the shaft anywhere else on my penis. Somehow along the way during my restoration I had lost sensitivity in the frenulum area, and it had happened without me noticing. At first I thought the grippers were too tight, but that wouldn't be a serious enough problem to cause a loss of sensitivity like this. My best guess is that when I restored, since my skin rolls inward with the push plate (including the frenulum area), the constant squishing of the area removed sensitivity over time. It's also possible the skin was still somehow pinched between the push plate and the bell despite the notch. There was not any serious pain throughout my restoration so it's easy to see why something like this would have happened without me noticing."

    Is that normal?,
    Someone know something about it?
    It will come back?
    What should i do?

    I hope somthing can be done if not im done.

    Thnaks in advance

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    Now i see this guy also post here.