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What to do about extreme urethral pain after using TLC-X?

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  • What to do about extreme urethral pain after using TLC-X?

    I should have learned my lesson. I don't understand why I can't just learn my damn lesson and give up on restoring.

    I outlined my previous troubles here:

    But I still stayed committed to the cause. I bought more parts for my TLC-X. I tried to put it on today and I only had it on for a maximum of 30 seconds when I felt a burning sensation with no pain. Upon taking it off, I felt extreme pain like I've never felt before. I figured it might be something in my urethra so I tried to urinate and upon the first go I didn't see anything come out.

    I drank a whole bottle of water and tried to urinate again, this time the pain was even more intense. I'm not in pain now but I have the shakes. I'm probably going to go to urgent care to see what I should do.

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    I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing such pain and discomfort. I wonder whether you might be suffering a urinary tract infection or something else. might be worth investigating.

    For my part, thankfully I’ve not experienced any of what you describe from wearing my TLC-X with weights and springs. The only discomfort I’ve had to deal with are a bit of soreness at times when I’ve been using too much weight or had to move about quite a lot while carrying weight attached to my device. This, however, is remedied by simply removing device and allowing the skin to ‘rest’ for a few hours or a day…before starting again. I hope you discover the cause of your urethral pain and are able to successfully treat it. Good luck to you.


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      Originally posted by NobleUplift View Post
      my TLC-X. I tried to put it on today and I only had it on for a maximum of 30 seconds when I felt a burning sensation with no pain.
      I recommend we follow the 4-Hour Rule for fine-tuning the amount of tension. That means starting at zero, and trying a more-aggressive setup only after a couple successful stints at each present level. Success means getting through your intended wear duration with no unwanted effects.

      Originally posted by NobleUplift View Post
      I tried to urinate
      I don't know if it falls under "wives' tales" but I hear urination flushes out the urethra and it is a good idea to urinate upon removing a device, even if it doesn't seem urgent.

      Originally posted by NobleUplift View Post
      I tried to urinate, I have the shakes
      The last time I had the shakes was in the '90s (years before I started restoring) when I had a kidney infection. I say don't wait to seek competent medical advice.
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        Looking at the 2021 post you linked, about the 2017 injury, it sounds like that accident could have done some ligament or nerve damage above the testicle. Might also be agrivating scar tissue from that. Did you try to feel around to determine where it hurts or see if anything was swollen compared to the other side?

        What methods were you using for the 4 years between that first accident and that post?
        How did you apply the tlc-x?
        Do you have enough skin to use a device?
        Where does your urethra hurt? Meatus, shaft, perenium, prostate, deeper inside your body, bladder...
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          Alright, so I figured out what happened last month. I did everything right in terms of cleaning myself and cleaning my device. I put it on and put it back in my shorts, realized it didn't fit right, and then pulled it back out and off.

          It was at this point I believe some lint from my underwear got on the pusher, and I didn't notice it until I had put it on again. That was the first time I had put on the TLC-X that day, and I had it on less than a minute, so it was definitely the lint.

          Anyway, obviously it seems I pushed the lint into my urethra and normal urination wasn't enough to force it out. Here are the steps I followed to fix this:
          1. Drink a lot of water.
          2. Buy Epson salt. I bought a bag of Dr. Teal's. Do NOT buy the aromatic varieties as that could make the problem worse.
          3. Find a decently large bowl, maybe one you'd use for popcorn, and fill it with 1- 2 teaspoons of salt (depends on how big your bowl is).
          4. Dip your genitals or just your penis into the bowl. Begin the process of urinating.
          5. You should feel the pressure differential as a bit of the salt bath makes its way into the urethra. Pull it out and then finish urinating in the toilet.
          6. Pain should be gone now.
          It was really amazing. I went from painful urination for half a day to instantly pain-free urination. I never held epson salt baths in high regard but boy am I EXTREMELY thankful that they are readily available.

          Hopefully if anyone else has a similar issue this serves as a guide. I'm going back to manual tugging because I also noticed that whether due to either my cut or improper tugging, the right side of my shaft skin is longer than the other three sides. Hopefully Andre's method will help me get it symmetrical.


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            That's good to hear! You should celebrate with some popcorn.


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              Glad to hear that your problem has been solved. I am a big fan of Epson salt. Even better than Epson salt is if you have an ocean nearby, go for a swim 🏊‍♂️ if the temperature is tolerable.

              I usually carefully inspect before putting a device on. The other day I pulled a hair out when I spotted it.

              I'm also a big proponent of urination to clear out the urethra. It is part of my standard practice.

              If you really want your foreskin restored, don't give up on tugging. At the other end, try to be patient as your body adjusts to tension on the foreskin. Applying too much tension is very tempting to produce more immediate results. My philosophy is to listen to my penis and body when they speak to me with biological feedback. Adjust accordingly as soon as time and situation permits. I like slow and steady. The longer that I can wear a device without pain or discomfort is what limits how aggressive I will be. As an example, I have learned from experience that my foreskin tolerates 14.5 oz of weight all day long. Add another 4 oz to that and the time I can tolerare it decreases to just a few hours. Right now I am sticking with 14.5 oz. Proper application of the device has a great deal of effect on the amount of time that a device can be worn. Miss one wrinkle while carefully removing them from your trapped skin and the session might be cut down to less than one hour. If caught soon enough, the device can be removed an placed back on so that the session can be extended.

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