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    Am I a good candidate for restoration? With regular restoration techniques, roughly how long would it take for glans coverage? I know I'll never reach 100% restored sensation, but what percentage do you think I'm at currently, and what percentage could I possibly get back to? Any responses are greatly appreciated
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    Originally posted by Blondie123 View Post
    Am I a good candidate for restoration?
    As long as you are willing to spend a little time doing this several times a week, yes. It is simple and easy to do, but takes a long time.

    Originally posted by Blondie123 View Post
    With regular restoration techniques, roughly how long would it take for glans coverage?
    No one can really say. It depends on how consistent you are, how effective you will be at growing skin, how your skin reacts. What your goa(s) is, and where your starting point is. The best anyone can say is plan on years, not months. But the good thing is you will reap benefits as you go, so even after a little time, you will most likely be glad you are restoring.

    Originally posted by Blondie123 View Post
    I know I'll never reach 100% restored sensation, but what percentage do you think I'm at currently, and what percentage could I possibly get back to? Any responses are greatly appreciated
    Again, difficult to say for a number of reasons, not least of which is our language does not have very good words for discussing sexual sensations. However, people have tried, One person who had experienced sex intact, cut, and restored said this:

    An intact man has say a 10 out of 10 for sensation.

    A circumcised man will be at a 3.

    A restored man will be at a 7.

    And, I can say that when I had sex, it was the best sensation I ever experienced, even though I was circumcised as an infant. I could not imagine how it could feel any better.

    After I had grown enough skin to have a mobile foreskin, I found that the moving skin gave me wonderful sensations that were different than anything I had experienced. And, then I started having whole body orgasms and I was enjoying a whole different sexual experience that was nothing like what I had previously experienced.



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      I see no reason why you wouldn't be a good candidate for restoration. As for how long it takes...I've seen loosely-cut guys who have claimed to achieve full coverage within 2 - 3 years, and I've seen guys on this forum who've put in 10+ years who still aren't 100% covered.
      For most, the goal is usually being completely covered (at least), but it is important to note that—since it sounds like increased feeling is your primary goal—you will see improvements to sensation even before reaching that end stage of full coverage. I'm 3 years into my own restoration and, while I'm not even close to full coverage all the time, the sulcus and corona are both covered 99% of the time. Because of this, those areas are already WAY more sensitive than they were before, as are parts of my inner skin. From what I've seen from others, this is common, so that might help you make your decision...knowing that you won't have to wait til the end to see significant results.

      My thread in the progress gallery section begins with a list of effective methods and tips that I've found useful over the years, if you're looking for more info. I'm also pretty good about getting back to those who ask me questions in PM, as well.
      Hope this was helpful, and I wish you good luck if you decide to restore.


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        Originally posted by Blondie123 View Post
        Am I a good candidate for restoration?
        You're clearly not among the rare cut men whose unlucky horrid outcome makes non-surgical restoring nearly impossible.

        Speaking as the seller of TLC foreskin restoration devices:
        = = =
        In case you're interested in wearing a tapeless device, the test for whether you can wear a tapeless device is this: If you have slack skin that lets you temporarily FORCE-cover and hide the whole glans with skin (I mean only while you're holding it), then you can apply a tapeless device like a Tugger, Hanger, or Packer (NUDGE THE GLANS BACK with the other hand for this test). To use the TLC-X we go a bit further and say you need slack skin that lets you temporarily force skin forward to cover the glans such that you can comfortably pinch the skin closed to fully hide the glans inside skin.

        The choice is generally between the simple TLC Tugger and the fancy TLC-X The TLC-X calls for a bit more slack to start with it. Like, if you were using manual stretches to get ready, the TLC-X would call for maybe 3 months more of preparation. It's a very personal decision because the gentle tension fixture is worn 10-12 hours per day. If you choose the TLC-X and find you don't have the slack at first to wear it, one option is to remove its pusher and rod and use the body of it like the simpler strapped TLC Tugger. The interior concave part is not "glans-shaped" but your glans won't be pressed in there forcefully when you add tension.

        About 90% of cut guys can use a tapeless tugger. Guys with very little slack often start with tape methods: (I did, but only because I hadn't made these silicone devices yet).

        I recommend that all users keep the surviving skin worn forward over the glans with the help of the Your-Skin Cone during ALL non-tugging hours. A retaining cone is included with our silicone device kits.
        = = =
        In 2010 we found that 25 volunteers who averaged 11 hours per day wearing gentle tension improved the Forced Reach of the skin tube (measured while erect) an average of 3mm/month during a 6-month trial.
        -Ron Low
        [email protected]
        847 414-1692 Chicago


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          Originally posted by Blondie123 View Post
          Am I a good candidate for restoration?
          If you decide to do this, welcome to the world of restoration. This is a great place to learn a lot about this process as you go. IMHO, the photos that you showed in your post look very good for restoration as administrator Ron Low stated in his post. As soon as you decide to do this your journey will begin. I was a CI0 when I started. With an erection, my skin was pretty stretched on my shaft. That was my starting point.

          Originally posted by Blondie123 View Post
          With regular restoration techniques, roughly how long would it take for glans coverage?
          I would agree with the previous posts on this question. In addition, I have to say that everyone's journey in restoring is different based on many factors. I started restoring in 2009 knowing nothing about the process and had no reference like this website that I could consult and ask questions to. Based on the reading of other people's journey on this website, I would call my approach to restoration lax. I did what I could when I could do it. When I started I was 52 and, looking back, I have to say that I led a pretty active life involved in family and volunteer activity. I didn't really have a lot of time to devote to restoring. My journey is documented in my progress gallery which is linked in my signature on this post. As can be seen, by starting in 2009, my journey is now into its 13th year. There were periods of time that I took long vacations from restoring for various reasons. I am now back at it in a very serious way to get to full coverage while erect. I now have full coverage while I am flaccid. I can stay covered without a retainer to keep the foreskin over the glans while wearing form fitting microfiber underwear. I recently discovered this on a week long vacation. It was certainly a feeling of freedom that I don't have to wear a retainer while fully clothed. I still wear a retainer when I am sleeping because at night, erections happen periodically and during an erection I become uncovered. My glans are fully recovered now so it is important for me to stay covered. These are some of the things to look forward to in your own restoration if you decide to start.

          Originally posted by Blondie123 View Post
          I know I'll never reach 100% restored sensation, but what percentage do you think I'm at currently, and what percentage could I possibly get back to?
          Your starting point depends on how much skin that you can pull over your glans while fully erect. I had a really tight circumcision and there was absolutely no slack skin that I could pull over my glans while erect. Now, I can pull my foreskin completely over my glans and well past that point while erect. Right now, during an erection, my glans become uncovered and skin either bunches up behind my corona or flips over the corona. For this reason, I would say that I am well on my way to my goal. My goal is full coverage during an erection plus some to spare.

          If you begin to restore, here are some of the things to look forward to. Having your foreskin cover the glans is a really satisfying feeling. Just because of the physical aspect of that, it keeps your glans warmer during the winter. When I started covering my glans 24/7 something became immediately apparent. My sexual sensations increased to the point that sex is now totally different by way of sensitivity. I can't put a value to it but it was at that point that I knew that all of this attention to stretching my foreskin was totally worth it. It is what keeps me going along this path. My practice of Taoism and Taoist meditation completely changed when my glans recovered and began producing smegma. All of a sudden, during Tao based meditation I was able to easily experience full body orgasm and to keep that going as long as I want to. Taoists are able to produce whole body orgasms without even having an erection by just thought and particular muscle control in particular places. Sex with my wife is totally different now. I can have a constant full body orgasm during intercourse while my wife experiences the same. I used to ejaculate and sex was over. Now my wife has to tell me when she is tiring and then intercourse is over. When you can produce a full body orgasm any time you want to, that is pretty amazing. When I started reading about it, I thought it was pure fiction. Now, I wouldn't change my restoration process or how I feel about it for anything. It really has put me in touch with my body. I hope that you have as good results as I am experiencing. You won't know until you begin and progress.

          Best of wishes to you in your journey if you decide to start it.
          Check Out My Progress Gallery Presently a CI-7
          Photo Gallary
          The owner's manual to the male human body!
          My Taoism practice began with the owner's manual.
          May the (tugging) force be with you! A good salutation: YIFR (yours in foreskin restoration).


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            Hi, after reading all of the amazing advice above, apologies for jumping into this conversation with a couple of questions of my own.

            I was circumcised as a young boy, and over the last ten years I have been practicing PE with some success, although I have always wanted to restore my foreskin since being a teenager.

            For the past 3 months I have started to restore my foreskin using manual stretching for the first month and for the last 2 months I have been using a TLC device(with mixed success) and a retainer for when I am not using the TLC device.

            I can use the TLC device and retainer, but only by pushing my penis head into my body so that my penis is only a fraction of its normal flaccid length, so my question is to ask if this is normal to squash my penis back into my body.....which feels strange to me with practicing PE for so many years. I am wondering whether I need to put on the TLC and retainer whilst erect or semi-erect to prevent pushing my penis back into my body. Being a grower and not a shower might be part of the problem?

            I do have one other question if I may regarding my frenulum which is there but not connected to the shaft skin as it has been cut just before it meets what is left of my shaft skin. Because of this, I purchased an un-notched TLC and retainer but was wondering whether I should have purchased the notched models in case it helps the restoration process?

            One last question....I have cauliflower like bulges in between the stitch scars around my penis on my inner foreskin and wondering how to deal with them.

            Cheers, Jas


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              Pushing the glans into your body is normal for devices that create tension by pulling the skin away from the glans. That has been my method of choice (taping with an insert, and inflation). The problem you may run into is simply not having enough skin for a given device, which can be addressed by modifying the device or by getting optional parts. In my case, I simply made different length inserts. Or, with inflation, just adjusted the amount of air in the balloon.

              If you find your frenulum area getting irritated by the device, then you can order the notched part, or notch it yourself.

              Without a photo, it is hard to offer much advice. If they are not irritated by tugging, then you may not need to do anything.


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                Thanks for the advice Greg, it would be perfect if the silicone outer retaining cup on my TLC was a bit longer than the plastic inner cone so that I can get more skin to grip.

                I will take a few photos of my frenulum and inner skin so that you can see what I am talking about.