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Getting back into restoring, looking for device/technique advice

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  • Getting back into restoring, looking for device/technique advice

    Hey ya'll,
    I haven't been on this forum in a long while, just getting back into this...I tried restoring years ago, I had mixed results with some success but ultimately I gave it up when I met a chick who liked my dick just fine the way it was so I decided to set it aside. That relationship is now over, so I thought I'd give it another go and I wanted to post a few questions about getting back into it.

    I'm mainly looking for some device advice here, I'm sure there's new stuff on the market now/improvements to ones to consider, so I figure I'll describe my scenario and see what the best recommendation is.
    When I was restoring I tried a couple different devices, my restoring success was limited but there was some (went from a real tight C1 to just shy of a C3 in four years)...trouble is since I trial and errored a few devices I don't actually know which one was most effective but I settled on the DTR basically through process of elimination - again, don't know if it worked all that well but it was the only one I could really use consistently. The reason is because I have a very physical job and sometimes I find myself in situations where I can't get to a bathroom readily to adjust or take off an uncomfortable device, but the DTR was always relatively easy to nonchalantly sneak a hand into my pocket and undo the retaining screw to release the tension without anyone noticing. I also wear shorts a lot and so the compact, low-profile nature of the DTR is appealing for that reason, plus the fact that it was always on so tight I feel I never had to worry about it falling out (which happened once with another device and was a bit embarrassing).
    The issue I always had with the DTR is that out of the several different devices I tried, it was always the one that was most likely to become uncomfortable, even painful, the fastest; I never injured myself with it but I also didn't always get the recommended 6-8 hours of tensioning time in everyday because of that. So I'm leaning towards the DTR again as the pros outweigh the cons for me but I'm certainly open to trying something different if there's a newer thing that will offer the same benefits.

    Also, I have heard, perhaps on this forum I can't remember, that some people have accidentally restored their foreskins entirely by using penis pumps in an attempt to this true? It makes a certain amount of sense, I don't know the science at all but it seems that temporarily engorging your penis with blood and thereby enlarging it could simulate the growth mechanism that causes skin expansion in the first place, I don't know if that's how it works.
    Anyway, I'm not trying to get bigger or anything but I was thinking of trying a pump anyway just because I hear it helps improve blood circulation/overall functionality, and if it happens to get me a little extra skin growth I'd consider that a bonus. Would it be too much stress on the penis to both pump and to use a DTR everyday?
    Thanks for reading

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    Originally posted by McG83 View Post
    Would it be too much stress on the penis to both pump and to use a DTR everyday?
    Stress is a term of art in tensile tissue expansion. It's the FORCE divided by the cross-sectional AREA the force acts upon. Stress times time is measured in Poise which is also the units for viscosity for some reason.

    I like to think we can rely on our bodies to report back that we're abusing them too much. But for a tugging regimen, I say make that assessment only after a full stint tugging, at the end. So the 4-Hour Rule says apply your device, wear it for your intended duration and then decide if it stayed put and stayed comfortable the whole time. If your first attempt is with zero added tension, and you get through that ok, the rule gives you license to increase stress by some increment and try again. When you get to a setting that's not workable for your intended duration, back up one increment and that's your working amount of stress until something changes.

    You would repeat this experiment for every tugging context. For example, your routine between breakfast and lunch is one set of experiments with a resulting device set-up, and your routine after pumping is a different set of experiments. If you sleep with a device, that's another whole context.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago