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    Awoo! Hello all. I'm BRAND new to this who thing; literally just found out that foreskin restoration by stretching was a thing about an hour ago. I've been thinking about foreskin restoration for a while and was curious about costs for surgery when I found a guy's website about his journey through non-surgical means and it got me very excited. I have no idea where to start; everything is just a bit overwhelming. What could I do to start figuring out what I need?? I'm very open to suggestions.



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    As you will find out, there are lots of options from free to quite a lot of money. I have documented my journey as I have traveled and it is in my progress gallery. The link to my progress gallery is in my signature. I have done a lot of manual tugging which is described in my gallery. My foreskin is long enough now that my glans are staying covered. I have enjoyed every minute of my restoration and am now enjoying the extra sexual sensitivity from my glans recovering from being dried out. That is also explained in my gallery. I am also a practicing Taoist which adds a very deep dimension to my journey.

    So, welcome to the forum and the best time to start restoration is now!

    Happy tugging 😊
    Please private message me rather than posting in my progress gallery.
    Check Out My Progress Gallery Presently a CI-7
    Photo Gallary
    My Taoism practice began with the owner's manual.
    The owner's manual to the male human body!
    May the (tugging) force be with you! A good salutation: YIFR (yours in foreskin restoration).


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      Welcome! I think is important to investigate the methods and try several of them. You don’t need to stick to one. I rotate around a few methods and have good success. Enjoy the ride ! You’ll be glad you started 😀


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        Here is a good primer:

        FORUM: Beginner's Guide to Restoring | Restoring for Men (

        I suggest thinking about what yourself and your lifestyle. Choose an initial method and give it a go. If you are completely lost, cross taping and manual are they go to methods to get started. Start slow and gently, until you get used to tugging. Keep reading and asking questions. And, keep on tugging!