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  • Circulation

    What would the physical sensations be if circulation was compromised while restoring?

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    Generally, numbness, dull, diffuse pain, some tingling perhaps when blood flow begins again, but it depends on the tissue involved, and your individual response (diabetics, for instance, wouldn't necessarily feel anything even though they have general feeling in the area).


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      A useful physical indicator of compromised circulation is the area becoming very cold – much colder than the surrounding tissue. A good visual indicator is a blue tinge developing, or an unhealthy white look to the area under tension. Whenever there is discomfort or even pain, it should not be ignored and the device should be removed or slackened. Returning circulation often causes a tingling or pins-and-needles sensation.


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        If you're worried about damaging yourself, the thing about compromised blood flow to your penis' skin is that it will cause pain pretty quickly. It's an area that Nature (and the conscious "you") wants protected. So, everything else being equal, you'd be gritting you teeth and clenching your fists if you ignored it for very long. No real damage, in other words, just discomfort, as long as you relieve whatever's constricting the flow, which you would feel the need to do, like right now.


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          Thank you gentlemen, its been something in the back of my mind.