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  • Initial measurement question

    I'm about to start my restoration journey with a TLC-X, but I'm a bit uncertain as to which measurements to submit when I order. I've tried the ruler/photo method several times as well as using a properly zeroed digital caliper. Both methods agree on the erect state, at 51mm, but I'm kind of all over the map on the flaccid measurement. The caliper gives me a 39mm reading while the different attempts with the ruler give me everything from 42mm to 46mm. I'm guessing that my flaccid state is actually somewhat variable and that I should use the smallest measurement, 39mm, but was also wondering if maybe I should split the difference and call it an average of 42. I realize I could submit a photo, but that would leave out the caliper measurement as well as having to choose one of the flaccid state photos to use, essentially still having to make a decision. Any advice?

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    I used the photo method and got a device just the right size for me. I would go with that number. FWIW, my numbers were 37 and 48.
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