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  • Retaining

    Ive been restoring for around 6 months now. Until a few days ago I wasn't able to keep my retainer on for very long when i wasn't tugging. The other day I kept it on for a full shift at work which is around 5 hours; im a waiter. My only problem is getting it back on quickly after using the bathroom while working... Sometimes i have to leave it off and get back to work when its not going on smoothly. My quetion is, will not retaining during all non tugging time slow my progress alot? Thank you... Best wishes

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    Thats kind of a loaded question. There are lots of variables there.
    According to when I asked Ron the creator, the tension should ideally be 8 or more hours a day, constant?
    I worked in a factory and had to push carts around, and my tugger kept slipping off every few hours... but I still noticed that a solid six hours of wearing began to give me quite a bit of progress yet. but I cant say what will happen with you.

    If if is difficult to do at work (mine was impossible, my thighs moved so much with each step and It went from 0-100 tension really quick, stretch marks, pain etc), try doing the strap around your neck when you are sleeping at night for a more constant pull. It takes a while to dial it in, but I feel like its woth the convenience. Thats what works for me though, its probably not recommended by the forums?


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      Thanks jmh1993... Im speaking of just the retaining cone though, non tugging time...