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I want to start restoring for first time

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    You were cut tight my opinion no tlc x right now


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      Originally posted by NITRO View Post

      Yes. Simple answer. I'm 6 months in of tugging with the TLC-X and when not tugging, I'm wearing the retaining cone religiously.
      NITRO, what kind of retaining cone do you use?


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        But I have alot of my inner skin left and my frenelum is that good?


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          Also I was cut high and tight not sure if thats good for restoration


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            Officer Bakon I'll answer as much as I can from my own experience and I'll likely echo some of what has already been said.

            1. From your photos, I would not use a DTR or any other dual tension device yet; you will likely have problems preventing it from slipping off, much like I did at the stage you're at.

            2. Yes it is excellent that you have nearly half of your remaining skin as inner skin, and even better that you have some or most of your frenulum left (the frenulum is the most sensitive part of the penis). Inner foreskin takes much longer to grow than outer foreskin, as it doesn't respond as easily to tension as outer. Many men I've read about had no trouble growing outer skin but struggled to increase their inner skin in all stages of restoration. For me personally, as a general estimate, for every 1 inch of outer skin I've grown, I've maybe grown 0.33 inches of inner skin. That being said I'm only a CI-3.5 (should be officially CI-4 by August), and I have a long way to go. I started at a CI-0 with hairy scrotal skin reaching nearly to my scar line on the ventral (bottom) side of my penis. Erections were very tight but like you nearly half of my penile skin when I began restoration was inner skin. My personal account here leads into my next point regarding devices. For the first 2.5 years of my restoration, I used only a TLC Tugger and then I switched to a DTR; maybe 6 months of the TLC and 2 years of the DTR, adding inflation in the final 6 months of those 2 years. For the first 2.5 years or restoration, I went from a CI-0 to a CI-3, which i felt was slow given testimonials I've read online. So, frustrated at the hump stage I began to research manual tugging. For most of my restoration I was skeptical toward manual, but I decided to give up devices entirely at the 2.5 year mark and do nothing but manual. Let's just say I've been doing manual for the past 8 months (will be 3.5 years total restoration by August 6th) and i haven't looked back. In my humble opinion manual is just as effective as a device, and in some cases more effective if you're more consistent with it than using a cumbersome device. I've seen faster progress using cyclical manual tension I.e. a few minutes at a time, many times per day, than I did using a TLC and DTR. Now, I know many men love devices and they certainly are effective if you are consistent in your routine and level of tension, but I found manual suites my lifestyle much better and therefore I've seen better progress. There were days where my skin was too oily to keep a device on so I simply skipped those days. I can still easily do manual method 2 in this situation. As an added note, whether you use a device or your hands, I strongly believe that short periods of high tension are far more effective than long periods of low tension. With a device, in my case I had trouble keeping it attached at high tension, or high tension caused abrasion and sometimes mild tearing that obviously meant I was trying to use too much tension. Manual tugging offers more control of your restoration as you can constantly adjust the tension level and the areas tensioned. You can't do that with a device, so especially if you have an uneven circumcision, manual can be used to target specific areas. Anyway, I hope my personal account serves as food for thought, and whether you stick with manual or purchase a device, the #1 most important thing is consistency in your routine! If you take breaks during the day (as in cyclical tension) you don't need to take days off every week. Keep on tugging! 😃


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              OK HERE IS my regimen

              For the rest of the 3 months I have in vacation before I go back to aviation college

              1. I will use the manual tugging method 2 which means I use both my hands: I use the left hand to grab the outer skin by the scar line and pull upwards while I use my right hand to pull the base of the outer skin and pull towards my body thus stretching my skin.

              2. I will do this 4 times a day about 2-3 minutes each

              3.Hopefuly If I do it like this I should grow some of my outer skin to start with a device by the time I go back to college. Even if I do I will only wear it when Im in my dorm.

              4. This question is what REALLY confuses me should I do it when erect or flaccid?

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                You should do both


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                  Ill try that and see how it goes, people are telling me to stretch the entire skin but for now do I do that or only stretch the outer skin?


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                    Originally posted by Officer Bakon View Post
                    I wont be able to wear it while I'm flight training.
                    I am a pilot my self and commonly wear a TLC-x well flying Cessna 172s, 150's and c185 as well as a king air which is what I am flying mainly for work.

                    If you set the dual tension properly and get used to the sensation of the contraption on your penis you can work the rudder pedals normally and it should not impact any of your maneuvers during flight training if your careful about how you set it up. The TLC-X gives you a lot of configuration options to make this work in every day life.

                    Spirals, stalls, steep turns and positive/negative g's don't seem to effect it all that much and you can remove the strap as well during the main part of the flight. That would give you at least another 1 hour for your dual / solo instruction + 15-20 min ground with your instructor and that adds up if you put that into your routine. I would encourage you to at least give it a shot at least when your doing the less g intensive exercises on calm days.

                    If you run into any issues with integrating a tugging device into your flight training routine I might be able to offer some practical solutions. As others have said though based on your pick you may not have enough slack to use a device just yet.


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                      Entire skin in opinion. But whatever you been doing continue its working for you each person have different times on when they will finish their goal some do it in months and some in years there is no specific time table because you didn't even use a device yet or you might not use one who knows but if you keep reading I restored in a year or I did mine in 2 years it will stress you out especially if you go a year and your not flaccid coverage