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Glans Scraped By Fingernail in Manual Tug

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  • Glans Scraped By Fingernail in Manual Tug

    Note to self - trim your dang fingernails when they get long. A few of days ago I was doing my usual manual tugging after removing my inflation device. After one of the tugs I, suddenly felt some discomfort at the tip of my penis. When I pulled the foreskin back it became apparent that I had scraped a patch of the top layer of skin off of my glans. The skin scraped off was still in one piece. The patch on the glans looked red and irritated. Needless to say, I was immediately concerned about what happened. I began wondering if I had made a permanent scar on the glans. Well, this morning, pulling the foreskin back reveled an almost normal looking glans. It had gradually recovered during the time since the injury. What a relief.

    Life has a way of getting busy to the point of distraction about things like how long your fingernails have become. I guess that it takes an injury like this to refocus your attention to trimming fingernails when they grow out....BEFORE they get long enough to become a problem. After the injury, I immediately trimmed them.

    I post this reminder here because I am sure that Iam not the only one who may tend to put this task off. I had no clue that I might have an injury like this but, I am now informed about what consequences there can be. So, if you are manually tugging and your fingernails have gained some length, maybe you'll be trimming them more often as I surely will be doing.

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    I don't have this problem cause i'm a fingernail biter lol but sorry to hear of your injury.


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      It could be worse - in my pre-coverage days, I had a couple zipper injuries when freeballing. Fortunately, it heals quickly.