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Am I ready for tapeless?

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  • Am I ready for tapeless?

    I've been using the taped canister method for a fairly short time. I purchased a tugger a few weeks after I received my canister kit to get a headstart on using a tapeless device. At first I couldn't get it to stay on. I'm not sure how to measure where I'm at. I don't know the c terminology yet. I know I was pretty tight at first though. Anyway, I can get the tugger to stay on now if I'm not very active. I'm guessing everyone deals with slippage at different times??? From those of you with experience, does it sound like I'm ready to use tapeless only? I liked the taped canister cause it was very comfortable for me and would not slip off. But removing the tape everyday is irritating. Is part off graduating to tapeless just getting better at putting it on and getting used to it?

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    I've heard on this forum that a decent rule of thumb is that if you can pull/push your foreskin halfway up your glans when you are completely hard, then you should be able to use tapeless devices without too many issues.


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      Some will switch to a tapeless device for days/non-erect times for a few months while still using tape for any night tugging.

      The test for whether you can wear a tapeless device is if you can force-cover the whole glans with your skin while flaccid. For TLC gear we want to cover as much of the inner tugging body as we comfortably can with skin to spread out the gripping force. If you're only gripping a tiny area of skin your tapeless application will get uncomfortable quickly. If we start with a freshly washed device and skin, then we have the best shot at a comfortable application that lets us apply the 4-Hour Rule to fine tune tension
      -Ron Low
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