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Short and tight foreskin

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  • Short and tight foreskin

    Hello guys,

    First of all I'm uncircumcised but I had frenulum frenuloplasty done to me on the 26th of june.

    I never knew what was wrong with my penis but since a few months I actually know, my foreskin is way too short in erect and really tight too.

    When I'm erect I have trouble pulling my foreskin back, and pull it over my glans cause it get's really big (I think this is cause my foreskin is too short).

    Now I'm doing stretches 10x40 seconds 5 days in a week but I want something that really works.

    What do you guys advice me to do? Buy the TLC or DTR, I just want my foreskin to be looser and longer.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.s. I can post pictures of my penis if you need to judge.

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    Sorry you are troubled with tight foreskin.

    I highly recommend you try wearing PhimoCure Rings with steroidal ointment for a few months. Once you can comfortably roll skin over the corona you can decide which method of foreskin lengthening is for you.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      Hmmm.. too bad you didn't try "stretching" your frenum before resorting to cutting ... The process is similar to foreskin restoration. Here's a photo showing one simple exercise:

      If your foreskin is too tight to permit normal retraction ... here's another basic "stretching" exercise designed to gradually permit normal retraction. You should hold the "stretch" for up to five minutes ... then repeat at least once more each day until you can retract. When the opening is large enough to insert two fingers ... use them to tug in opposite directions, and again hold the stretch for up to five minutes. More hints on enlarging the opening of your foreskin can be found here:

      Lengthening a short foreskin can be accomplished by any of the many methods now available