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  • Meeting Restorers In Person

    I've been meaning to start tugging for a long time but I often lack motivation. I've also never met any other restorers in person, though I have spoken with one on Zoom a couple of times. I live in a medium sized city-ish area in Florida and the nearest person I know of teaching people to restore lives a three hour drive away from me.

    I'll be visiting Chicago from 9/12 through 9/18. Is there an in-person restoration group there that'll meet during that time? Or are there any restorers there who would make the time by themselves?

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    Well, NORM would be where I would go to find out, but their site is down for now:

    Home Page - National Organization of Restoring Men (

    The California chapter's site is still up:

    Frequently Asked Questions About NORM Southern California (

    In case that helps.

    Ron (TLC Tugger) is located in Chicago, or nearby, so you could contact him on this forum and see if he might have some ideas of meet ups.


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      I remember there used to be a Chicago NORM group, but it was no longer on the website before it went down a few weeks ago.

      While California isn't exactly within driving distance of Chicago, we do currently offer Zoom meetings. If you'd like to attend one, on the third Sunday of the month, 2-4 Pacific time, feel free to private message me, or email me at coordinator AT, for the link (also available from the meeting center linked at our website).