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What is the best age for restoration

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  • What is the best age for restoration

    I just started restoring, about a week now into the journey

    IS it better to start restoring at a young age I started at 19 and I should be done by 20-21, is it because your penis is still growing with the rest of the body. Right now im trying different methods and see which ones work for me and if they work ill stick to them.

    Another thing is the discipline and motivation, I think restoration will be a good practice of these skills especially when I want to be a professional pilot for the airlines.

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    I knew that I had been circumcised at maybe age 6. Hated it. I would have started restoring immediately if I had known how to do it.

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      People say that is is "better" to start earlier because you skin supposedly grows "faster' when you're young,but I don't think there is any evidence to prove it.

      Skin is skin and prolonged tugging will make it grow regardless of your age. No skin will grow if you aren't tugging. That's the only thing anyone really "knows."


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        I have started manual tugging specifically method 2 with the OK sign, Do I tug just before it starts to burn or do I do it multiple times a day. I am NOT expecting results since foreskin restoration is a very long process and I am almost done excepting the fact but hopefully my tight shaft skin should be a little bit tuggy by the end of my vacation which is in 3 months.