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    I was very tightly cut as an infant which left me with little to none sensation left in my dried out stick. During erections or attempted minor stimulation my skin would always tear and bloody scabs would form. I've been restoring for a year and 10 month with the TLC Packer and incorporated occasional manual tugging. I've grown so much skin that it sometimes rolls completely over my flaccid penis all by itself. The skin will also roll over my head when erect during stimulation. I have not only regained a lot of sensation in the head, but have also regained pleasure at the base of my penis, which gives me a ticklish sensation in my prostate and it feels great!!! Plus my wife says that after many years of us being intimate, that she now enjoys the feeling of my skin gliding in her and she describes a sensation of my penis throbbing before ejaculation, which is new a new thing. I'm assuming it's more nerves being activated and more blood flow.

    PS.RON, Sorry I bother you with many Packer extension requests, but it is making a huge difference in my life.
    Thank you!!!!!

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    Well, what a success in restoration. Your description of sensation returning for sexual pleasure is common among us who have reached as far as you. I would describe it as a miraculous recovery. I had no clue when I started what would happen. I had ED when I started and that has resolved. My wife didn't understand what I was doing when I started but now totally supports me in my restoration. I truly thought that my sex life was in its closing chapter. Not any more. This news of your recovery is certainly reason for you to bask in a new dawn. Congratulations 🎊.

    Ron has guided me along the way with advice on devices and methods. He now has so many ways to restore that the choices can be confusing. He helped me to understand the benefits of the Packer Stacker kit and how to turn both the Packer stacker and TLC-X into Direct Air inflation function. His support to the community is awesome.

    I'm so happy for your success. May your ultimate goals be reached.

    Keep On Tugging brother [restorer]
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    My Taoism practice began with the owner's manual.
    The owner's manual to the male human body!
    May the (tugging) force be with you! A good salutation: YIFR (yours in foreskin restoration).


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      Great story it is so exciting to hear about your success .. hopefully it will help others