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Going back to natural, Restoration Progress

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  • Going back to natural, Restoration Progress

    Hey guys

    So I have decided to start restoring my penis to its former glorious state which will take some time but I will be able to do it as long as I am motivated and the techniques work for me. I am going to be making this thread for the duration of my restoration process and will post weekly so that I can use this to measure my progress.

    Please feel free to comment and give advice such as recommending different techniques and maybe changing some objectives along the way, also feel free to share your experience on this. I will make posts with pictures every weekend if I can when I'm not too busy.

    For now I have decided to start manual tugging in my previous threads I had discussed several techniques and regimens I planned but as of now I have adopted one that I can use very easily for the next 3 months until I have to go back to college. I sometimes wish I had started this last summer but I guess its now or never.

    My technique I use is basically method 2:

    Foreskin restoration by manual tugging with method two 2, which is manual restoring by tugging the foreskin of the penis of a circumcised or intact man.

    but this time I tug the scar line with my left hand and the base with the right this way I stretch them apart and apply firm tension across all the shaft skin not to the point it hurts but until I get that stretching feeling. I will do this in 2 minute sessions which will be done EVERY hour. The reason why is because by adding alot of tension to the shaft skin I am damaging it and by letting it heal for a hour and repeating the process again and again from the time I wake up to the time I sleep. I also will do this anytime I shower and maybe even sometimes when I use the restroom.

    This is a good start and once I get some skin (I hope I'm not making my penis longer, I just want the skin longer) then maybe I can change my technique and regimen but I am not there yet so I plan to take baby steps. Here is a video of me demonstrating the technique I use.

    Here are my goals:
    1. Restore my foreskin to be at least a CI-7 I want it to cover the glans completely when flaccid but I really don't care about it going to CI-9 (although this may change in the future)
    2. Make a technique and regimen and stick with it.
    3. Just be dedicated and discliplined its not hard you become used to the regimen after a while and it becomes automatic
    4. Restoration is a LONG process I hope to see some results by this Christmas maybe earlier depending on how fast my skin grows (personal factor)

    Again any recommendations would be nice but please don't flame because Im still new to this process, Ill post the first progress report this weekend.

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    It will take a while to learn how much tension you need.
    For me it seems like the inner skin can take much more tension than the outer, I think I have missed some progress in the last 6 months because I have not been using enough tension or enough time. I would say tug enough in a day or two that your skin is sore for a while but not hurting while you tug. Rest until your skin feels recovered.

    Edit: I used to also want just reliable flaccid coverage but somewhere I changed my mind to having an acroposthion even when erect. I am still at ci-2 right now and the amount of skin I have to grow is insane, I am looking at 3x or more skin than what I started with.


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      UPDATE 1

      Hey guys Bakon here I have started restoring for 1 week now using method 2 for 2 minutes every hour from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. I don't see much difference however the biggest change is that my skin is more flexible now which I hope will make it easier for me to do method 2 better and even method 3 once I get more skin.

      Left pic shows when I began restoring right pic shows current progress as of 1 week
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        UPDATE 2

        Again thank you for the support from this site, were it not for this I would have given up on restoring.
        Im making good progress however but have changed my techniques a little bit, now I use method 3 since I tried method 2 while flaccid and it dosen't quite work well. I have noticed that after my tugging sessions at least 11-12 times a day my skin is now stretchy and flexible much more so that when I started doing manual tugging. As you can see I now have some small wrinkles showing up which is a good indicator of progress.
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