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new to restoring, my story, and baby boy on the way

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  • new to restoring, my story, and baby boy on the way

    Hey everyone, so i want to start by saying so great there is a forum like this for tips tricks and support for this journey to return what was taken from me when i was only a couple days old.

    I was born in 1989 in the chicagoland area, and as to be expected then most everyone was cut at birth, another reason i was cut was most likely so i "matched" my father so there wouldn't be any difficult questions for my parents when i got old enough to see "why don't i look like daddy?"

    growing up i never thought anything about, i didn't know any better. i only ever saw m father and the couple neighbor friend of mine and everyone looked the same. it wasn't until sex ed started in school when i learned about what happened to me and it was ok because even though it wasn't for any religious reason it was how they teach it's "clean". then when i got later into high school i learned more about foreskin and what it was and why it was there and what it did. that,s where i started getting upset about how i wished i was never circumcised but didn't know or think there was anything i could do about it so i moved on and just went on about my life.

    my journey for restoration began about two months ago, me and my wife are expecting our second child (first is a beautiful little girl) and we went to out gender peak ultrasound and with much excitement found out we were gong to be having a little boy this october! we are very excited about this and we cant wait to meet our little man!

    about a month ago my wife was having scary and consistent contractions for a few hours so we went into the hospital and got checked out, they made them stop and all was well. but in that time we were there the nurse came in and asked the gamit of questions and one of them being "are you circumcising?" and my wife without missing a step says yes. she was born and raised in the same mentality of that was the normal status of men. i stopped her and said wait we haven't talked about this yet and at first she was against it. so we looked into all the info of having it done and why not to have it done and thankfully she understands and stands beside me on not doing this to our baby boy.

    so that is where it led me to restoring, at the time i had no knowledge of restoring or it was possible so the first thought in my head was one day ill have to explain why mine doesnt look like his. thought of a good few reasons then one night for grin i googled " foreskin restoration process" and a whole new world was opened up to me. so excited this was possible, smacking my head thinking why didn't i think of researching this before!

    i researched it a bit, more like obsessed over it haha and decided i wanted to do this and start immediately. i wanted to involve my wife in this and get her input and see what she thought. she was skeptical at first but once i explained it to her she understood more and thought it was a great idea as well and is very supportive, that is a very nice thing to have. to be able to get back this part of me i felt like i have been missing for the past ten years, to get back the most of the pleasure i can, and more importantly to feel whole again.

    So when i started out i was a c-2 almost c-3, i used to be alot tighter and i used to have painful erections when i was younger and would pull on my skin thinking i would "stretch" it, not knowing of mitosis, a bit because it was too tight, did that during masturbating for years little did i know i was actually helping myself get where i am now.

    i have been doing manual very frequently and for the past week i have been using a canister i made out of a pill bottle and a binder clip tension to my knee and its been going great! i am a solid c-3 right now and get roll over if sitting leaning forward or if it is quite chilly. i have always been more of a grower not a shower so i like that for the aspect i feel i will reach flaccid coverage sooner. i plan on ordering the tlc-x once i get some extra money, i would really like a tapeless device for those spontaneous moments withe the wife alot easier to remove quickly.

    i do have one question, has anyone experienced their circ scar seem to start fading? im starting to get separations in the middle of it running horizontally almost like its breaking up, at first i got scared thinking i tore but it is painless. and i dont think it would be stretch marks because i dont apply that much tension. any insight?

    Thanks again for all you guys on here and your help is appreciated i hope i can help some people out on here too.

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    Welcome and congratulations on your soon to be born son and NOT cropping his dick. You will find restoring will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Yes, the scar does fade and become diffused over time. By the time you are done, you'll never see it.


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      Thank you par, grest news on the scar and glad to hear I'm not hurting myself, I didn't think I was because no pain or swelling it just was starting to change. Was thinking maybe getting separated by new cells growing in. Big battle ahead of my is my mother and her finding out we're not circumcising my son. I think it may be hard for her to accept that and if she changes any diapers I will have to stress stress stress do not retract his foreskin. I'm nervous every she won't listen and hurt my son.


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        Have her watch this on YouTube. Its a 30 minute documentary about the truth of circumcision called "Elephant in the Hospital". Get her to watch it before you even tell her about not cutting your son. She'll be apologizing to YOU before she even thinks about your son. It'll be good for both of you.


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          Great thanks for the link.


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            Congrats on the pending birth and decision not to cut your son!

            My grandson -- my 1st and only grandchild so far -- who was born this past Dec was not cut either. My son and daughter-in-law and they decided on that on their own. The more of you young people, the less often it will happen. Let's hope this is the beginning of a new "tradition" in America.


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              About the scar line; I am still not done my restoration ,but, so far I have found the scar to be more prominent as I have begun to restore.

              I think its primarily due to contrast and my skin tone. As I began retaining my skin around the scar became lighter and more pink so this caused the scars black/brown tone to be easier to see. I also noticed that the scar seemed to be wider but I can't really say yet that this has made it diffuse or break up a bit. I have a very thick scaring area on the left side of my penis where the scar is almost 2-3x thicker then the scar on the other side.