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    On the old board, there were two threads about fathers encouraging their sons to do foreskin restoration. One was by Dragons, who has joined and posted to the new board, although due to injuries in a car wreck, they are not doing FR now.

    So far, I have not found the original thread on their FR efforts, or the report on their injuries in the car wreck.

    I have found some posts by zahnmann, including the first page telling that someone had reported his son's FR to Child Services. He handled the situation OK, and didn't get into any trouble.

    I'm attatching the first post to that thread, which, along with the rest of that page, might possibly be all that survives of that story.

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    Here is a link to the Way Back Machine's listing of the first page of zahnman's thread about his visit from Child Services:


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      I found zahnmann's methods for motivating his child to restore very, very questionable, to the point where some small part of me feels it was all just the work of a troll:

      "He does not understand why I am restoring, but as far as he is concerned, he is doing it for the ipod touch which he got when he had full glans coverage. He is also getting a $200 bonus for an inch of overhang. He is using a PUD, it is working so well that I have no reason to go with another method at this time. When he gets older he may want to increase his inner skin more and I will then introduce him to the TLC tugger."

      It is wrong to bribe an otherwise uninterested and perhaps even unwilling child into making a body modification.
      Visit my restoration progress journal.


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        I agree: troll. And I'll add: sick in the head with the same fetishist focus.

        Here's why: the fundamental concepts overarching the issue of non-therapeutic child circumcision and RIC, are personal choice and disallowing parental"ownership" of a child regarding the otherwise normal physical being of that child . The child having lost his personal choice at some point doesn't somehow transfer personal choice to a parent, and this very certainly includes so-called "restoration" as a response to circumcision. Period.

        Simpler version: everybody back the fuck off if he's healthy, and until he's of age and can make his own choice.


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          Thanks for the posts, mjwise and Info. The responses to zahnmann here on this board, had more negative opinions than those on Tally's board, where he did not mention the ipod touch and the $200.00 bonus. If he had mentioned those 2 things on Tally's board, he might have gotten more negative responses on those points.

          It's too bad that the remaining pages of the thread are probably unrecoverable.

          I am continuing to surf the Wayback Machine, and will post here what I find of significance.


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            If you had a question of me, you could just ask.


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              Thanks for the post, Dragons. Right now, I don't have any questions, but thank you for saying I could ask, and I will do so, when and if I do have questions in the future.

              If you want me to, I will alert you to any of your old posts that I find surfing the Way Back Machine.

              The Way Back Machine is rather complicated, in that sometimes, it does not show a full page of a thread, but has a summary of posts to the page at the top.

              I have come across your user name as replying to a post in one such list, but there is no link to the post itself.


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                I have a few questions for dragons. I was reading in another post about his 2 teen sons restoring with t tape. I was wondering how many hrs a day they where wearing the t tape for. Did they wear it to school and bed as well. How did they go about applying it. Did you need to help them with it. What type of strap system did they use. What happend when there friends found out.
                Sorry if the questions are to personal for asking about them. It's interesting that 2 boys of that age where able to be open with there dad and start restoring that young with the parents help.


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                  They started out restoring only during the school day, they didn't wear a strap to school I inserted a clip into their briefs to one side so there was a small amount of tension, the only down side to that they had to adjust their undies back in the other direction to create more tension, as time went on they also started doing it at night using an around the waist strap.
                  I did provide them help initially yes, though only as a barest minimum, I would watch as they applied them the first few weeks suggest any changes that needed to be made though there was no specific reason for me to touch them.
                  They have been fairly quiet about restoring only a few of their closest friends know and have been sworn to secracy, which is still the case.

                  Their mother died when they were 5, we've always had a close relationship where we can talk about anything without judgement, it probably also helps I was a young dad, they were born when I was 19.


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                    Hi Dragons how you all going after the difficult year last.
                    Hope you guys are all better for this current one.
                    Best Wishes.


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                      Thanks for the concern, I really appreciate it. We're alright a new normal is slowly appearing.

                      We've moved to Sydney, earlier this year not sure if I mentioned that previously.


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                        Dragons, Wow that's a big change .... Sydney down under ? Well - Welcome locally to land Oz, I'm in Melbourne.
                        Glad & good to hear your onto a new normal, Best Wishes and may it all go well for you all.


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                          Ummm... Not such a big change since we were originally from Brisbane.


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                            Ah ok, I mistakenly thought you were in the US. :-)