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  • Days off?

    So I've been seeing a lot of posts lately mentioning 1-2 days off per week. But I've seen others that say they do something each and every day. Just curious what's typical with people on this forum.

    Currently, I am doing something every day. Because of my work, I really don't feel comfortable wearing a device there. So in working hours, I do some manual tugging each time I use the loo. When I am at home, I use the TLC - sometimes just a couple hours after work, sometimes longer at the weekends. When I'm not tugging, I stay covered with the TLC cone in the day (I've ordered a PUD to try wearing in the day), and at night I sleep with a ManHood on to avoid friction.

    Do I need to build in a rest day?

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    While some people here think they know the "secret" to tugging, there have been no scientific studies done to prove than any method is better than others. All we have to go on are the anectodal stories of those who have posted here and elsewhere about their restoration experience.

    Personally, I tug every day every chance I get -- day and night. I'm seldom w/o my tugger but there are times when it's inconvenient or inappropriate to wear my tugger and in those cases I don't. So, there are ipso facto rest periods that I take as a result.

    Others will tell you that all you have to do is tug for 15 mins at a time a couple times a day and you will have a restored foreskin w/tons of overhang overnight. Maybe so. It hasn't happened to me and most of the people who have posted their stories here and elsewhere online but perhaps that will work for you.

    I do recall however that Ron (the owner/operator of this site) did report an unscientific study of foreskin growth in the past and here's what he said about it back in Dec 2015:

    "In 2010 we studied 25 men who logged their tugging hours and charted their skin gains for 6 months. They averaged 11 hours per day under tension and improved the force reach by 3mm per month. 70mm divided by 3mm per month is 23 1/3 months. But before the tiny brief 2010 trial our best estimate from studying photos was 1mm per month improvement. So maybe it takes you 70 months. Somewhere in between 2 years and 6 years lies the truth.

    I suggest you plan on tugging with gentle tension 11 hours per day and wearing your skin passively retained over the glans during all non-tugging hours. Be patient. Never tolerate pain. Take well-lighted before pictures from various angles. Log your FEC monthly or quarterly so you'll know if your regimen needs refinement."

    See Post #5 at: https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...he-restoration

    So, do what you think works best for YOU. If you need a rest day, take it. It really shouldn't matter in the long run as long as you are tugging consistently in some manner over time.
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      More or less, I tug every day, and my usual goal is to tug for at least 10 hours a day. However, when I have long work shifts, I tend to avoid restoration. It's really up to you, but more importantly, find a routine that you can stick with. That's what really matters.