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Dry skin on glans and the restoring cone

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  • Dry skin on glans and the restoring cone

    I've been wearing a restoring cone practically 24/7 for the last 4-5 weeks, starting from square one. When removing the cone, my glans has been moist, and I've cleaned twice daily with warm water.
    Last night, I had the cone off for around 20 minutes and the skin on my glans and just beneath (above my circ scar) dried up very quickly. It was dry to the touch, and the skin appeared to be pale and almost flaking. Is this normal? Should I be applying some product to it, or just keep going? There was no pain involved beside increased sensitivity - the aim of the exercise I suppose.

    What is the 'end game' of the restoring cone, short of having a fully restored foreskin and not needing it any more? What is the final stage of skin on the glans?

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