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Help me get back into it and maintain a routine again?

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  • Help me get back into it and maintain a routine again?

    Hello, as of now iv been restoring for 6-7 months. I don't feel like there's been a massive chnage but i blame the Ci3 to Ci-4 bump for that. Anyways, the past month or so if been slacking, badly. It's hard for me to wear a device sometimes due to erections. I also picked up manual 3, which i think has been helping. Iv messaged Chuck and he says to only use the DTR for about 2-3 hours then give it a small break. My social life has consumed my time lately. I can't just not talk to people for FR.

    I really need help making a schedule that will allow me to get good results without harming my social life. Iv been feeling really bad lately, not restoring leaves me with a empty feeling.

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    Only you can make you own schedule as you know what your own deal is. Consistency is the key. Tug whenever you can with breaks. 2-3 hrs of device use with breaks and manual is great. The CI 3 to 4 stage is the most frustrating and time consuming. Keep at it and you WILL get there.