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  • Booored!

    In a blatant attempt to solicit encouragement and / or pity that might well backfire:

    I'm on a downer with restoring right now. I only started in January but fickleness is starting to anticipate failure.

    I made good initial progress, as one might, and got over the hump, I think, quite quickly.

    But I just can't be arsed at the moment.

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    Hang in there man - it gets better.


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      You can only fail if you stop trying.
      Time is going to pass whether you're restoring or not so you might as well KOT!! It will happen eventually.
      I've been at it for 5 yrs with very slow results, but results nonetheless.


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        I know the feeling. I have a LOT of trouble keeping any sort of routine when I get busy, which is most of the time.

        Trying my damnedest to just get used to it like putting on underwear, but even on and off after 6 years I've had some really great progress, more in feeling than appearance.

        My advice, which is tough to follow (even for me!) is to learn to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Little exciting things, like starting to get coverage when sitting, will really blow your mind.
        Started CI-0 with no movable skin and 0% FEC

        Currently at CI-4 with 64% FEC

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          Thanks for the encouragement.

          Two things happened: I started using the tugger for shorter bursts with manual in between. A change is as good as a rest. I realised I now have enough skin to reliably use the Your Skin Cone on its own. A little reward to keep me going!

          And then you guys! I couldn't do this alone!


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            My first 10 months were the hardest. But my anger became my motivator and I want to win. After the first year with what I thought was little progress I decided measure my length and found I gained 0.5". So my progress was never actually slow.

            My challenges in the beginning were establishing a routine and finding the best way to make progress. I ended up going with the DTR. In the beginning it slipped off constantly, but now it only slips off a few times a day and I wear 9" sports underwear to catch it when it comes off.