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    So far I've only tugged at home with DTR and TLC-X as I didn't have so much slack and slipping off was an issue. This limited how much time I could get in and made tugging a domestic couch ritual. Recently I've gained some slack and have ventured into daytime walk-about tugging at work and such. DTR is pretty practical but concealment and how to deal with slip-off are interesting challenges. Also getting used to tugging so long is a shift. I'm finding with the high tension I apply (set screw style) I have to tap out at some point and give a rest. It seems like I've hit a new plateau though in terms of being able to tug during regular daytime. It is definitely a breakthrough from where I started. Happily reporting progress. Here's hoping for no embarrassing work episodes. Anyone with similar experience? Is the 4 hour rule a good idea?

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    Originally posted by eminor7thfunk
    how to deal with slip-off
    You could pin a sock to your underpants and tuck the device into it. If it loosens the device falls into the sock until you can tend to it. With the TLC-X you could run a slack lace through the loop handle and pin that to the pocket inside your pants. If it loosens, the TLC-X will dangle from the lace until you can get to some privacy and reset.

    You mention high tension, but you'll probably get more net stress (more safely) if you go with a lower tension that stays comfortable longer.
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      You should always check every few hours.

      I think the idea of a strap on the device is great, and coupled with the Sukrew U briefts any device works great. (See my gallery for the underwear... best ever).
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        I wear mine all day at work without an issue. I can get 8-9 hours in while at the office with bathroom breaks to re-seat it. Works out very well, but I spend the majority of my time sitting down (desk worker) so wearing it at work might not be the best for some if you are always mobile.

        And, I don't know what you would mean by an embarrassing work episode? I have had no issues thus far. The important thing is to wear it like you own it. I'm rather large in the pants so if my bulge is 20% more from the TLC-X, then no one will notice that much.

        If you can wear it at work, go for it. If it slips every once and a while, go to the bathroom and fix it. Simple