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Returning to Restoring, My story, And a few questions.

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  • Returning to Restoring, My story, And a few questions.

    Hello Everyone, I used to lurk alot on the old forums, Just now Joining up and Decided to share my story with you fine folk.

    I come from the PE world, I started PE when I was 16 and by the time I turned 17 I put on a half inch of length and a 1/4 inch of girth I had alot of fun doing that and my gains were permanent. However sex for me was very so so. Mentally I was very into it but the feelings I felt weren't anything like what I expected. It was very hard for me to climax with my partner, Oral never and only a couple times during sex. My girlfriend got good at giving me hand jobs cause it was the only thing that always worked. I guess I never 2nd guessed it with that girlfriend much because I was honestly just happy to be getting laid. I was a very horny 16 year old. I had scene some people talking about Foreskin restoration but Foreskin and Circumcision didn't really mean anything to me and I didnt look anymore into it.

    Fast forward 4 Years and Im browsing the web, I stumble across the what is lost to circ page. Lost my fucking mind. Everything about my sex life made sense. I do more and more research and Figured out that i was cut using a mogen clamp. This is good and bad. Good because my cut was loose, Probably a CI3. always used my foreskin remnant to Masturbate. Bad because a small part of my glans was also cut by the clamp. Ill include a picture of the damage on my glans. Its minor, But the sensation on the spot is different, More of a pins and needles sensation. basically all this information coming out at once and explaining my sexual problems caused me to have a full blown life crisis, I resented my parents and our society as a whole. Was without a job for awhile and My relationships with my family took a serious hit. Really went off the deep end on that one. Also caused me to finally leave my religion behind but I consider that an actual positive from the whole thing. I was conflicted about religion anyways and that was the last little push I needed to say fuck all that.

    I quickly discover restoring and ordered a DTR and tried to get started. However, every time I put my DTR on or did anything with restoring it filled me with rage that I needed to do such a thing Because my parents let me get mutilated. Even though it was what I needed to help my sexual problems it was just like rubbing salt in an open wound. So I quit. Everything. Even trying to get laid because the lackluster sex would just make me more angry and depressed. even went on an anti depressant for 6 months that didn't do shit but make me worse.

    Fast forward 3 years and and Ive been able to work through most of my emotional issues relating to my mutilation and am ready to get to work and finally try to fix this.

    I am Using my DTR again, I have an office job now that allows me to take hourly bathroom breaks so I will be using cyclic tension, 1 hour on, 1 hour off. wearing an oring retainer on the off hour and throwing in manual tugging here and there. I know most people came to the conclusion that MSM cream does nothing for us, But the pusher on my DTR sticks to my glans and is painful to remove and I have a tub of MSM cream already so Ive been putting a little of that of the pusher before I put it on and that eliminates the pain. I probably get about 4 tension cycles in before I go home. Once I get home I do one longer cycle until it starts to get uncomfortable and then a little more manual tugging during my evening happy time haha.

    So here are my questions

    MSM cream as pusher lube. Good? Bad? Irrelevant?

    4 1 hour cycles and 1 2 hour cycle plus a small amount of manual good enough?

    Masturbation effect gains at all?

    Does the damage to my glans have more to do with my sensation loss or the lack of foreskin?

    I Have about 90% FEC, If I get an erection with an Oring on it either pushes the oring off or keeps my erection from reaching more then 80% which is uncomfortable but not painful. Would i be okay to wear one at night? the ones I use are small enough they will never slip over my glans.

    Did I completely Screw myself by not restoring when I had the chance at 20 and now that Im 23 gains will be slower?

    Does anyone actually use Tea Tree oil to dekeritinize?

    Do testosterone levels have anything to do with penile sensation? mine are a little low and as Ive been raising them I feel like my sensation has slightly improved. It was difficult but I was able to climax from oral

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    I would use something like Aquaphor to put on the pusher. That's what i use and it works well. Getting that MSM cream in your urethra may not feel so good, plus it's better used to condition your skin anyway. Mix it with a little coconut oil, it's a great combo. Don't use Tea Tree oil to dekeratinize, let nature do it when you're covered or can retain easily. How much inner skin did you get left with? You should still be OK with restoring at 23. Fuck, I'm 54 and its working. Your tugging regimen sounds like a good one, just don't over do the tension.


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      Thanks, I'll look into the aquaphor. If I stretch the inner skin out I got left with a little over an inch. Any signs that I'm over doing the tension?

      Here is a picture I snapped quick, You can see the damage from the mogen clamp on the side of my glans


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        Looks OK to me. How the fuck did that incompetent jerk do that with a mogen clamp? Those are designed to take off way less than he did. I'd sue the bastard.


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          No idea. I did get left with a good amount though the picture might be deceiving but I've got a lot of slack skin. Is 1 inch of inner not a lot? And yeah it looks like the clamp just cut off a small portion of the one side. I'd sue but being 23 I'm past the point of legally being able to do that


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            Yeah, it's probably too late. No, 1 inch is a good place to start being cut as loose as you are. It took me almost a year and a half to get where you are now from a CI 1. I would say a solid CI 2.5 almost 3. Now at 3 yrs I'm almost at CI 4, the rollover point, but not quite. Between 3 and 4 is the most frustratingly slow stage of the whole ordeal. Just grow skin dude. I bet you can get it done in 2 yrs at your age.