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My concerns about restoration

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  • My concerns about restoration

    Hi, I'm asian, please understand my English
    I recently reapply TLC-X and my CI is 3.

    1. If I use TLC-X only, I mean not tugging(using strap), there will be no effect for growing external foreskin? It will be effect only for inner foreskin..?

    2. Also I wonder, the speed of restoration.. Because I'm asian, the speed is lower than white people? because I'm just fixed in Cl3 last 3~6months.. How I can reach CI4 ?

    thanks for your attention. There are not much information of restoration on my conturies' websites.

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    1. Dual tension/pusher restoration probably targets "inner" skin more than "outside skin". But skin is skin when it comes to growth. I would suggest using a strap at least sometimes if you can, because my experience has been that a strap (or another external tension source) helps boost growth.

    2. I have never heard of such a phenomenon. While I'm sure that some people grow skin faster than others, I don't think there's any evidence of a racial aspect to it.
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      Ok I see. thanks. Hand stretching would be a method for strap? I think strapping is kind of difficulty for me haha..


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        Hey, I am Korean, and I had a short foreskin before my parents thought that it needed to be circumcised for whatever reason. Anyways, if you have a short foreskin, then do not put too much pressure on the frenulem which is the bundle of nerves between the glans and the kinda middle section of the penis. If you are circumcised then I would manual stretch until you have enough skin to use a device, like I am using a device now after 2 months of manual restoration, and now the device has got me to CI4.5 I would say, just do not stop tugging because then progress will halt from my experience.

        I think that people have said that the younger you are the faster skin will grow. Since I am a teenager, the skin is growing faster on me.


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          Originally posted by taylor
          If I use TLC-X only, I mean not tugging (using strap), there will be no effect for growing external foreskin?
          To get good outer-skin tension just work a little harder to force that skin up to be gripped by the placing of the retaining cone. Then balance that pre-tensioning of the outer skin with extension of the Pusher. Since you're fighting with your skin during application, expect that the result may get uncomfortable quicker than a relaxed effort, or that you may need a few tries to get it just right due to the agility demanded.
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