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    Since it's my first post here, let me introduce myself briefly: I am in my 30s and I was circumcised when I was 16 for medical reasons (from what I understand I've had a low loose circumcision, the usual type in my country apparently), because my penis was bent 90 degrees downward, so I had to undergo what I think was most probably a Nesbit operation (or something similar) which consists in removing penile tissue from the upper side of the penis and "straighten" it, one of the consequence is losing 2-3 cm in length. The operation included being circumcised, because, the doctor said, otherwise my foreskin would have extended much too far beyond my glans after the operation because of the shortening of the penis (after some research, I've found that the circumcision might actually not have been necessary, so if anyone has information about circumcision and Nesbit operation, I'd be very thankful!). Anyway, I started restauring about 6 months ago first manually, then using a DTR, about 2 hours a day, from February. So far I've seen and most of all felt difference yet I have a couple of questions:

    - I can see I have more slack skin on my shaft but I find it hard to grow skin to "jump" over the corona. Since the corona is wider than the shaft, is it necessary to "widen" the girth of the restaurated foreskin, so that it goes over the corona ? Or do you think it will just go over the corona in time? (and I'm just a bit impatient ). To give you an idea, when flaccid, when I hold my penis horizontally and pull the skin forward, it extends just to the end of my glans, but then after I stop holding my penis, the skin retracts after a couple dozen seconds. I hope my explanation is clear!

    - secondly, I've rarely been able to keep the device (it's a DTR) more than one hour straight without it being painful (like somebody pinching my skin under the cone). So I take 5-10 minutes breaks, and then it's ok. Have you experienced the same kind of difficulties with the DTR or other restauring devices? Do you think the breaks affect the restauring process in any way?

    Have a nice day!

    From RCI-2, on my way to RCI-4
    My journey from circumcision to restoration: https://ladagueetlefourreau.wordpres...-circumcision/