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  • Something cool happened!

    Something really cool happened! Whooo! I'll write about it because I hope it gives others some hope. I've been on my restoration journey for about 3 months now. I am lucky to have more of a loose circumcision. About two weeks ago I made the decision to go manual only. The way my skin is, I tear and get stretch marks too easily for devices and long term tension.

    Anyway, I was getting in my last tug of the night and I like to be erect or half erect for it because it makes hand placement much better. Sometimes to get that firmness, I'll pull up some umm.. choice pictures on the 'ol phone. Ahem..
    As it goes naturally, once in a while I'll have a "happy ending" after that last tug. That would always involve a lotion or some oil to make that happen. But not last night. For the first time in my entire life I (I'm 52) got off with nothing but my hand! Ground Breaking!!! Life altering! Lol

    I have just enough inner foreskin and shaft skin to ride about half of the way up my glans on the up stroke while erect. And oh damn there was nerve signaling going on that was new and different. I could feel nerve signaling from the inner foreskin and corona working together! Brand new sensations. Totally awesome.

    Here is what I wanted to list as differences from the usual and I want to make a point.
    *New nerve signaling between different areas of the penis that felt connected or working together.
    *Wide spread nerve excitement/signaling around the new foreskin (top and sides). This was working with the whole corona in a wave like feeling that went along with the motion. This was new for me. Fantastic!
    *It allowed me to reach orgasm in a different position than I am used to. When you get to be my age, masturbation gets to be a very set in stone kind of chore. It was the same every time because that's all that I could do to make it work. Same pelvic position, same stroke, everything.
    *The focus was not hammering up and down the shaft. It was a slower and more potent and enjoyable gliding movement. The focus wasn't the glans, it was the foreskin motion with the corona.
    *I wasn't tilting my pelvis outward like usual, it was neutral or slightly tilted inward. I wasn't as concerned with expressing length, which is geared for shaft hammering. The focus was skin rolling up and back off.

    So my point is that you are NOT locked into masturbation muscle memory. You can not only break that routine, but you can have an awesome time. You can experience something different and better.
    Can't wait to experience this with my wife! But I'll have to wait till I have more skin.

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    That’s great to hear !


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      It sounds like you are rediscovering your body! This was the case for me as well.
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        Yes, I think I am. And it's excellent!


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          Thanks for sharing! Nice, and I am sure it will help many who may be wondering what difference restoring might make....and how quickly.


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            Thanks man. Yeah, it was interesting because I had just finished my tugging... but was erect still and was just kind of feeling and looking at the progress and checking it all out... and started getting those sensations. I hadn't planned on going any further. But, I got curious to see how far it could go and or what would happen. So I kept going and surprised the heck out of myself. Had no idea I would be able to do that.


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              Lots of new feelings and sensations


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                Definitely. And not as much of a mess. Haha!
                Although the ejaculation was more intense and there was more of it. Just more benefits to enjoy!


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                  Thanks for sharing. When I first began my restoration, my wife started feeling the difference almost immediately... I would say around three months in (maybe it was four-six, I can’t remember). But it was fairly quick, that much I do recall because it even surprised me how fast she began feeling the effects. She hadn’t quite started to feel or detect the movement of my new foreskin, however, the most obvious indicator that things were different, was the fact that she no longer felt any pain. Our sexual encounters have been pain free ever since I began my journey late in 2019. Another HUGE side effect of having a partially restored foreskin is that my wife no longer gets dry or looses moisture during sex. I never minded using my mouth to add moisture down there, but I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t an interruption to our lovemaking. Instead of just enjoying the slowly building waves of ecstasy, we’d both have to stop and get her wet again, then start all over.
                  Upon reflection, I understand more and more and I’m reminded exactly why this heinous practice of unilateral routine infant circumcision was started in the first place…to curb masturbation in young boys and to lower men’s sexual satisfaction during the uptight Victorian era.
                  There is a YouTube video of a gentleman in Canada who promotes foreskin. He has a video demonstration where he brings himself to a glorious climax while seated with an erection and while using ONLY his index finger to lightly rub his frenulum and NOT using his palm or any of his other fingers to clasp around or hold the shaft in any way whatsoever. He did this demo to illustrate how much sensitivity is forever lost when the frenulum is ablated during circumcision. Also to show how magnificently sensitive and how vitally important the frenulum is during sexual stimulation. Once circumcision has occurred, all those nerve endings are lost. Subsequently, in order for most, if not all cut men to reach climax (especially as we enter the fifth decade of life and our glans have been exposed and dried and desensitized far too long), all our sensitive areas we are left with are relegated elsewhere and are now located downward along the stem of the penile shaft. Hence, the long strokes of ‘ramming’ and ‘pounding’ motion necessary for us to stimulate the lesser sensitive nerves of the upper shaft to even feel something. Instead of the much shorter, gentler back and forth motion usually practiced by our intact brothers. Just typing these words makes my blood boil.😡

                  Happy for your newfound experience. It remains one of the best benefits I’ve gained as a result of my restoration journey…no more lubricant and using lotion for what it was actually designed for…to combat dry skin, not self pleasure.


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                    Tuguser, I would have hit the like, like, like button if there were one. Well said brother restorer.
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                      Well said, tuguser. Thank you! Yes, I've been manually tugging since that post and have gained since then. I still haven't made it over the corona in a permanent way, but I'll be there within a month or two I'm thinking. I stopped tugging with high frequency and have now gone to about a 45 min session once each night. The way my job is I just can't do the every hour thing. But it's working, so that's encouraging.

                      I'm about 4 months in or so and my wife too has noticed come changes in the way it feels during sex. Since I've got some good bunching of inner foreskin going on right behind the corona now, it's keeping her wetter longer. Which is great. I can definitely feel a change during sex too because the loose skin is gliding now and I'm really looking forward to that full glide eventually. She is starting to feel that little glide form as well.

                      It is a great feeling to sense all those nerves forming and feeling the new sensations. It's really kind of mind-blowing. And yes, if I think about my circumcision to much I get pretty pissed off as well.
                      Dr Kellogg can go f#$% off for sure.
                      And the Victorian age too. Lol
                      Thanks again, and cheers!


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                        Ken, Try to load as much skin into her as you can on entry. It's impressive how much of a difference it can make

                        There are a lot of other suprising ones for me so far, i didn't know how much i'd look forward to these.
                        Actually making precum.
                        Having precum collect in skin
                        Feeling my glans move within my skin
                        Gliding during sex
                        Better penis awareness during sex
                        Tongue inside foreskin
                        Wearing a retainer ring through a handjob without ever being exposed

                        Keep at it, we'll probably be able to do more than you'll expect of that CanFAP guys tricks
                        Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything