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Been restoring for a month please comment ur thoughts

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  • Been restoring for a month please comment ur thoughts

    I got circumcision when I was 12-13 and I was cut reallllllllly tightly that I got my skin burst around where I got stitches after having a boner.

    I was definitely CI 0 and each time I got mine erected my frenulum and shaft would always be on the verge of bursting.

    As I grew up to be 24, and after countless wanking and erection, I think I kinda developed slowly(over 10 years) to CI 1 before started restoring.

    I did not have left over skin at all when soft but it wasn't too tight either so I say CI 1.

    I started restoring at the end of June with VLC for a week, and realized it was mainly for the penis enlargement and not for the skin so I bought TLC-X right away

    and restored for 3 weeks, and I think I have become CI 2 (please tell me if I am not CI 2 yet).

    Please comment if I am doing right, as to if the progress is too slow, normal, or too fast.

    any other type of comment is welcomed.

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    I can see in your pic the left penis is a little erect. You might want to have a really flaccid penis if your want the 2 pics compared.

    Most of the people here may tell you that many factors are taken to factor in FR like age, methods, diet, DNA, your initial CI and many others. CI 1 to CI2 seems unbelivable to me......1mm - 3mm per month is what I think averagely so just keep on tugging.

    A better simple way to see progress is have flaccid and erect pictures then observe monthly, that way you can see bigger improvement.

    Dekretinization on the other hand can be seen in weeks. You may feel more sensitive on the glans.