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  • New Achievement Unlocked!

    Unlocked: Maintain partial coverage with an erection - 500 PTs

    Unlocked: Wife makes unprovoked comment regarding restoration progress - 300 PTs

    Woo hoo!!!! New milestones! My wife commented that she is impressed to see I was still covered, as she remembered that it wasn't too long ago that my skin would roll back every time I got an erection. 2 hours of manual tugging a day, 5 days a week has given me the most rapid progress I've ever seen in 10+ years of on and off restoring!

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    WOW 2 hrs of manual.......In my early restoring carrer I did do long manual tigging session.God that gave me very sore finger tips......

    Its good to hear fellow restorers on their sucsess stories.



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      It's in 2 blocks, 60 minutes AM, 60 more PM. I do a single handed method and just keep switching as I go. I am so thrilled with my progress! I'm building up a before/during/after photo set.