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How to accelerate Foreskin Restoration ?

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  • How to accelerate Foreskin Restoration ?

    Hello, friends, we all know that it takes ages to restore the foreskin fully, but I think there must be ways to accelerate the Foreskin Restoration. Can you please elaborate the ways... (I'm currently using the TLC Tugger, wearing it 12/7)
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    There really aren't any. We are trying to stimulate our skin to follow it's built-in, natural program. Nothing available to us affects that program. Anyone who says there are is either trying to look like big guy on the forum, or he's trying to sell you something. Just go on tugging. There will be small incentives along the way which will please you and keep you going. Any finished guy will tell you this. Endurance is everything in restoration.


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      I often tear some hair out over this. I constantly worry that my system is flawed/unoptimised and could be slowing me down. I currently rotate between a tlc-x, a dtr, and a dtr air when one begins to feel painful. I keep this up while I'm awake.

      As I've already said, I'm worried that I could be doing things better. My current belief is that switching things up as often as possible will keep the skin growth up.


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        Your skin does ALL the work. YOU don't anything other than go on tugging.

        Your skin follows that natural program I mentioned. But it does this slowly. VERY slowly. So if you are the anxious type, that very slow progress caters to your anxiety, pumps it up, allows it to whisper in your ear, making you think that you aren't doing "something" right. But if you are tugging in a reasonable way (manual or device), then you ARE doing EVERYTHING right. That's a promise.

        It's really just that simple. It will take years; year after year, to see anything that looks like real progress. So don't listen to the anxiety. Or ... tell it what I've written here, just to shut it up, 'cause it's the truth .

        Just tug.


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          We (and you) already know how to accelerate the growth. By tugging. smile.

          The only thing we really can do to maximize progress is to make sure you are tugging as effectively as you can. That means experimenting to figure out what gives you the best progress. Once you have sorted that out, you just have to keep tugging until you get to your goal.

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            Keeping generally healthy will help keep things moving. Tobacco smoking is known to impair your body's ability to heal/repair itself. Most other recreational drugs are probably a bad idea too.
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              Having a healty diet and limiting adverse activities to your health link alchohol.

              Most importantly consistent GENTLE TENSION. Pls dont rush and hurt yourself since you'll need more time to heal them restoring time would be loss.

              All of us restorers are running a long long "marathon" not a short spurted race so do enjoy it.



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                If there were a magic bullet giving accelerated restoration for all, it would have been discovered by now.

                Some of you may have had occasion to run into mathematicians and to wonder therefore how they got that way - Tom Lehrer


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                  Hey. Aloe vera gel is generally what I have read on making the process faster. However, vitamin e gel, oil, or cream works marvelously. Maybe even more so than aloe vera. I have used both. I will go morein depth at a future time, I encourage you to try at least one of them though. Currently using vitamin e cream because of my situation. Good luck, don't give up!!!


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                    There are no ways to make it faster, however there are MANY ways to make it slower. You need to find the right combination of factors. Diet, nutrition, time vs tension, hydration, persistence, and attitude ALL figure into the equation. Once you have found the right mix your skin will do all the rest.


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                        Originally posted by Rockshe9 View Post
                        There is always a way, or ways to make something better or accelerate something. The problem is finding out how to do it, or gaining the materials needed.
                        Big problems, very big problems. And there's always a price to pay for it.


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                          ThankYou friends for your valuable feedback!


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                            There's another friend in the forum by the name of Hardacroposthion. He is a very active member of our forum, and is always willing to help others. He believes that instead of wearing the device for long hours, we should wear it for one hour, then remove it so the skin can heal and the blood flow can restore, and we should do this process repeatedly in order to accelerate the Foreskin Restoration. He speaks out of his experience, and is convinced that by doing so, our gains can be a lot more faster. What do you guys think?


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                              I think the best way to figure out what will work best is for each of us to experiment. If you experiment, you will know.

                              My experience leads me to agree with the idea that you do not need long periods of tension to effectively tug. I have had some of the best progress of my restoration with only 20 minutes of tugging, twice a day, 5 days a week.