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The problems with a long foreskin coverage......

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  • The problems with a long foreskin coverage......

    I may be getting ahead of myself but I plan to restore till getting CI10, which means a nice long overhang even when erect. I am currently am a CI7 restoring with the TLC-X and manual methods. I am not rushing at all to get CI10, even if it would take me a decade to accomplish this feat.

    I know we all have problems with short foreskins and discuss it fervently, but I think we never discussed on the problems having very long ones. I would like to take this opportunity and would love to get better insights on long foreskins.

    Some problems with a long foreskin (CI10) could be.....

    -Peeing, as even with my C7 coverage I have to pull back the foreskin back to pee nicely. Having a C10 would need more effort and pee may get trapped on the foreskin. I also make a habbit that every time I pee I wipe the foreskin and glans to wring out any pee with my clothing. Now imagine doing it with a long foreskin.....troubling...

    -In intamacy I am concerned to whether the overhang may cause the glans to be not coming out due to the long foreskin. Just picture using a very thick condom and that foreskin would be that very condom so thick you cant feel anything. BJs may be less interesting too.

    -Also phimosis may occur. I know that you can expand the foreskin to make the hole bigger but I"m sure that that would be taking time and may cause sex to be painful and abstaining from it.

    -Wrinkling of the outer foresking when erect. That means pulling down the outer foreskin to reveal the long inner foreskin. That would really look unpleasant for a partner to see, in which I'm totally in with it.....
    ​​​​​​-​​​​​​Foreskin regeneration may also have the need to long fore skin to place a new one. I do wonder if they can make a similar length as my DNA probably dictated that my foreskin would be this long and not verrrryyy long as my future CI10.

    -I do sometimes think getting this C10 coverage may cause me problems and get me circumcised again. Since we stretch our nerve endings to the end of our foreskin, that nerve endings may be lost if I got circumsiced. Since you can grow foreskin but you cant shrink them. Well unless you CUT it! Again!...NOOOOOOOO!!!!

    So you may ask, "Then just aim for a lower CI?". But inner foreskin do really feel good. My inner foreskin is sensitive to the touch so is the outer one. I personally think a long foreskin is beutiful, it's like Michelangelo's sculpture of David.

    There is also a mentality on me gaining more wholeness as even I am erect I am covered. It's like saying to the crook who cut me "Hey you cut this much and now look a this!". It's my small revenge againts the norm and customs of my community.

    So what do you think are the problems and benefits of having a long foreskin having an overhang even when erect (CI10) ?. It would very awesome to have opinion on those people that do have a C10 coverage.

    Also please correct me if any of my problems listed here are not up to the facts. I would appreciate as that would lessen my concerns.

    Thx in adv and KOT!
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    Aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder. I would not waste my time with someone so immature to find a restored penis gross, but your mileage may vary.

    Foreskin restoration cannot cause phimosis. There is just no feasible way for that to happen short of surgical alteration post-restoration, which certainly won't happen by accident.

    I've said this many times, but restoration and skin growth is SLOW. You will not wake up with CI-10 coverage tomorrow and you can stop at any time. CI-10 coverage would take most restorers years and years to develop. None of these "problems" will just be sprung on you one day out of the blue.
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      I think I've posted this link before, but if you want to see what it's like to have a long foreskin, just look here:

      FWIW, I personally would love to have such a "problem" but doubt that it will ever happen. Oh well . . .


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        I suppose this really depends on individual circumstance, I would like full hard coverage but I don't want a big giant overhang to go with it, but in order to get hard coverage that is what I will have to have.
        My twins before their mother had them circumcised (4yo) had very long foreskins, that said when they got an erection, the foreskin would just barely cover them, I dare to say the aesthetics would have changed round puberty.
        My younger son (still intact) has recently suffered a spinal injury, so now he is paralyzed from his navel down, his foreskin is also very long more so than the twins when they were younger, and while this wasn't a problem for him while he was able bodied, it is now and makes him very uncomfortable, he hasn't asked to be circumcised but has asked if there is anything we can do to make it shorter, and really I can understand his requests though I'm not going to allow him to be circumcised since I have a fair idea puberty will correct the issue.
        Given he has to pee in his wheelchair into a urinal container it makes it very hard to pull his foreskin back to pee some urine always seems to run back into it, even washing under it twice a day it has a very pungent stale urine smell to it, at this stage causes him no irritation, it makes him very self conscious of himself.


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          Hi thx for all the replies. I may have to rethink my goals and I am leaning to a C9. But anyway this project will take me even years so I do have plenty of time experimenting whether I'll stop at CI9 or continue to CI10.

          I also heard from another post in this forum that having a overhang even while erect may have less contact during intamacy when sliding out. I personally think it's okay as I dont want go climax too fast anyways.

          If there may be a problem with that I'll just use a large enough cock ring to hold my outer foreskin to the base of my penis. Now that glans can be more exposed. Also when using a condom we expose our glans when applying it. What do you think?

          ​​​​​​@dragons. I may suggest for your son to shake his penis to remove some urine from the urethra and then, wipe his inner foreskin and glans to his underwear or tissue to keep it dry. I have done this for over 3 years and have not had any problems with it. I dont do this but perhaps using ph balanced baby wipes will be more helpful to keep the pleasant floral smell.

          Also I admire keeping your son intact as he may be reluctant now but when he grows up he'll be very glad on your decision.
          Btw lets keep the comments going !

          Any problems or benefits you may think having a long foreskin pls post them here and lets discuss them together.


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            Do you think we haven't thought about that?
            It's one of the issues of being paraplegic, and one he seriously struggles with. Sadly it just isn't as simple as shaking it more.


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              Originally posted by dragons View Post
              Do you think we haven't thought about that?
              It's one of the issues of being paraplegic, and one he seriously struggles with. Sadly it just isn't as simple as shaking it more.
              I'm sorry, I did not mean any intention to belittle your judgement. I dont really know about paraplegia before reading about it just now.