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  • Question about CI-4

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to ask a quick question to see if I'm really CI-4.

    I have total corona coverage and as of today, my skin as crossed over the edge, albeit not hugging below the edge. I know that last part will come later.

    The definition of CI-4 is coverage of the corona, and I'm just wondering if this qualifies. If not, I'll keep trying! Just curious! I know the going over part will begin to stabilize in a couple more weeks.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I would say you're there, but the CI scale is not really an accurate benchmark. For instance, I personally have enough skin to be a CI 4, but due to my glans being large it doesn't roll over and stay there. It just stays REALLY bunched up behind the corona. When I pull it over the corona it doesn't take much force to hold it there and sometimes when my skin is a little tacky it does stay there for a while. Conversely, when I have more skin that very same large glans will act as a barrier to help keep the skin in place. If my glans were smaller, I'd be a CI 4 no problem. Just KOT!


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      Thanks! I can totally see how on the underside it is really pushed up quite a bit, but on the top side, it is held back. However, today was my first day I was able to be over the edge of the corona. I'd say, by my next photo session in 9 days, I think I'll be more visible over the edge. But hey, one step at a time! I can't go back to before so I'm pressing on. KOT!